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Gentlemen clubs in Brussels

February 5, 2017

Gentlemen clubs in Brussels

Gentlemen clubs in Brussels; Brussels is a business and political centre. It is the capital of both Belgium and the Europeans Union. It has the European Parliament offices, with 40,000 employees, and NATO headquarters, with 4,000 employees, located here. With this number of staff and the many travellers coming in on official business, Brussels has an exceptionally high proportion of civil servants and professionals. This means a ready made target audience for the Gentlemen clubs in Brussels. They often look for entertainment whilst they are away from home. There is a lot of money and business passing through this city and strip clubs in Brussels cater to this demographic.

Gentlemen clubs in Brussels run on the ‘Champagne System‘. With the clientele being of a professional nature, the girls that make the serious money are those that are intelligent, articulate and able to maintain good conversation. Brussels has different classes of strip clubs. Big clubs put a lot of focus on the shows and stage with an acknowledged tipping system. The smaller clubs in Brussels lean more towards sit downs and selling drinks. English is the main language requirement, due to the international nature of a lot of the cities inhabitants. However, Flemish, French and German are all very useful languages to know to work the clubs.

All clubs put emphasis on private shows. These start at around €40 and being able to talk and entertain the customers is vital in achieving good Champagne sales. Dancer numbers are limited in relation to club size as they pay a fixed salary. Belgium is a relatively small country. Strip clubs are not as dispersed throughout to the same degree as neighbouring countries such as Germany, even though the styles are very similar. As a result, most of the clubs operate in Brussels.

Prostitution is legal in Belgium. However, it is not in the strip clubs to the same degree as other countries in Europe with with similar laws. This is possibly due to the smaller number of venues and, therefore, lower availability of this level of the sex industry. Touching is less of an problem in Belgium than it is in countries with very strict licensing laws, such as the UK and Norway.

Strip club locations in Belgium

Brussels is the capital as well as being the largest city. It has strip clubs including:-

Information about Brussels

For such a relatively small city, especially in capital terms, Brussels is one of the most influential cities in Europe, especially within the European Union. As mentioned, it is the capital of both Belgium and of the EU. Some of the most important offices in Europe are housed in this city. Combined with having the NATO headquarters, Brussels is not to be underestimated in the potential for extremely wealthy and high powered clientele. Work hard, play hard is a reasonable mentality here and sometimes entertainment and work combine. There are 138 restaurants per square mile in Brussels. With this kind of consumer base for out of office, city entertainment, strip clubs in Brussels have a lot to work with.

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