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Gentlemen clubs in Kiev Guide and Advice

February 13, 2017

Gentlemen clubs in Kiev

Kiev is the capital and largest city in Ukraine. Gentlemen clubs in Kiev are of a very high standard and are reminiscent of strip clubs in Russia. Showgirls are the focus of the club and the stage is where everything happens if the customers aren’t in private shows. Kiev has extreme wealth in the city with the presence of some very rich Russians. With this wealth comes a busy social scene and nightlife venues are very well supported.

It is common to find wealthy Russian’s drinking and enjoying the shows and dances in the Gentlemen clubs in Kiev. Additionally, you will find celebrities and the cream of Ukrainian society. It is very socially acceptable to be seen in the lap dancing clubs. Furthermore, it is encouraged for patrons to be flashy by their peers in strip clubs in Kiev. Extreme displays of wealth of not considered vulgar in the same way as they might in Western Europe.

Gentlemen clubs in Kiev work on the ‘Champagne system‘. The girls sell both drinks and lap dances and customers are expected to indulge. Bottles, Magnums and even Nebuchadnezzar are available for the customers to show off. Girls will go nude on rotation on stage.

The club standards range from back street to high end. The high end are especially impressive compared to some other countries. Some showbars are cabaret style with extraordinary showmanship and, as mentioned, showgirls rule. Clubs take steps to catch the eye. Some strip clubs in Kiev cater for, and take care of VIPs by providing luxurious surroundings. Occasionally, clubs have high end restaurants attached so clients can have a full night out, from dinner, to drinks, to clubbing. One in particular specialises in sushi.

Prostitution is illegal in Ukraine, but it is quite common and generally ignored. There are a large number of girls in strip clubs in Kiev that will offer more than a lap dance. What happens in VIP is between the client and the girl. Generally, girls allow touching. Erotic massage is regularly on offer. Book outs are also fairly common. It is very difficult to police if extras are going on, once off club premises. Check where you are going before you arrive so you can be sure of the expectations.

The Girls in Gentlemen clubs in Kiev

Strip clubs in Kiev attract girls that are mainly local or from Russia. This is because of the abundance of Russian speakers in the region. Ukraine and Russia are renowned to have extremely beautiful girls. Ultimately, the gentlemen’s clubs have no problem hiring dancers that look like supermodels.  The Ukrainian Hryvnia is also not the strongest of currencies. Consequently, you will rarely find German, French, British or other nationalities from this region in strip clubs in Ukraine. Another major factor is it isn’t a member of the EU. Girls from these countries don’t have the right to legally work.

Locations of Gentlemen clubs in Kiev

Kiev has the largest number of strip clubs in the Ukriane, including:-

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