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Gentlemen clubs in Lithuania

February 8, 2017

Gentlemen clubs in Lithuania

Gentlemen clubs in Lithuania; Whilst not a typical stag party country compared to neighbouring Poland and the Czech Republic, Lithuania is rapidly become popular. It is becoming a destination for stag parties and for groups on weekends away. The ultimate bachelor party requisites of cheap alcohol, cheap flights and beautiful women, means that men visit to enjoy, the capital, Vilnius’ nightlife. It is also common to find wealthy Russian’s enjoying the shows, drinks and dances.

Gentlemen clubs in Lithuania work on the ‘Champagne system‘. Drinks and lap dances are sold by the girls and customers are expected to indulge. There is an array of club styles from high end venues to smaller, rougher places. Most of the clubs have nude girls doing stage shows on rotation. Some venues are cabaret style with real showmanship. Clubs take steps to stand out. One is a poker room with an inner sanctum strip club and another is a restaurant where your waitress will do a striptease. Some clubs offer a chauffeur and transport service to bring men in to spend.

Prostitution is not legal in Lithuania, but is relatively common. Some clubs will have girls offering sexual service and ‘jacuzzi dances’ are unsurprising. Full service is expensive in clubs due to the legality and 2010 had a large crackdown that resulted in some clubs getting heavily penalised. There are still clubs and girls that do, however, offer more than a lap dance. Therefore, care should be taken when entering venues with no research.

The Girls in Gentlemen clubs in Lithuania

Gentlemen clubs in Lithuania attracts girls from Eastern Europe and Russia, mainly due to the abundance of Russian speakers in the region.  Lithuania is only very recently a Euro country. However, prices are still a little low compared to other countries. For western European dancers, earning at these rates is not viable to pay bills in their home countries. It is not very common to find German, French, British or other nationalities from this region in strip clubs in Lithuania.

Lithuanian girls can be found in a lot of strip clubs through Europe. There are many Lithuanian agencies advertising clubs and providing girls throughout Europe, mainly located in Vilnius.

Locations of Gentlemen clubs in Lithuania

The capital Vilnius is where most of the tourists congregate especially the desired demographic of guys on holiday. Consequently, this is where most of the strip clubs are located including:-

Klaipeda has Crystal Show Club, Kaunas has Gentleman and Sugar Strip Club

Information about Lithuania

Lithuania only has a population of around 2.9 million in total. Wages are not particularly high here so many locals will not even contemplate the idea of going to the strip clubs. Lithuania borders on Latvia, Belarus, Poland and Russia. A lot of money coming in comes from the visiting Western Europeans, but there is a significant amount from Russians. There are many Lithuanians that consider themselves Russian and so mainly communicate in the language. There are a lot of present and historical links between the two countries.

For more information on strip clubs in Lithuania, visit here.

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