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Gentlemen Clubs in Monaco Guide and Advice

April 5, 2017

Gentlemen clubs in MonacoGentlemen clubs in Monaco

Monaco is a sovereign city and microstate, on the French Riviera. It is the most densely populated country in the world and the second smallest. Monaco has 38,400 people living in an area just 2.02km squared. Monte Carlo is Monaco’s most populous ‘Quartier’. Monaco is is very famously a tax haven for the rich and famous, also due to the lack of income tax and low business tax. In 2014, 30% of the population were millionaires. Monaco, as a direct result is a major banking centre. The Monaco Grand Prix is held here annual and attracts huge numbers of people. Along with the casinos, all of these factors contribute to strip clubs in Monaco being a financial haven for dancers alike.The population doubles during the working week because of commuters coming from countries such as France. This gives an indication of how thriving Monaco is on a daily basis.

Gentlemen clubs in Monaco work on the ‘Champagne system‘. Girls sell bottles and drinks and make commission from this. Monaco is where people are rich and aren’t afraid to show it off, so a knowledge of the Champagne houses is beneficial. Dancers perform on stage and offer private shows. Clients occasionally expect touching in dances. Prostitution is legal. However, brothels and pimping is prohibited, coming under organised prositution. There are many extremely beautiful call girls working the the country, so strip clubs struggle to compete by offering extras. The prostitutes are extremely expensive, and so, are a separate entity. Instead, Gentlemen clubs in Monaco offer the dance, company and hostessing experience. Due to the demographic, girls that are good conversationalists, well read and well travelled, do well. This helps keep good quality clients, many of whom have travelled in themselves.

Girls in strip clubs in Monaco

Girls come from all over Europe to work in Monaco and there is competition to get places in the clubs. This is, due to, the extreme concentration of wealth and the Riviera lifestyle. It truly encompasses all aspects of work/life balance. This is also aided by the fact that there is little point for the strip clubs to compete with the quality of sex workers on offer. Girls can very easily work in a clean manner and this will not penalise their earnings. Therefore, the gentlemen’s clubs in Monaco, have very beautiful dancers working and there are often waiting lists. Lap dancing clubs pay a fixed salary and keep dancer numbers low. Strip clubs have their pick.

Monaco uses the Euro so the exchange rate is very beneficial to girls from anywhere in Europe. It is a de facto member because of it’s close ties to France, although, not technically the EU. All of the borders and customs territory are treated as part of  France and Monaco uses the Euro as it’s currency. English is sufficient in the strip clubs in Monaco, although, French is a very big advantage. It is the most common language spoken in Monaco.

Locations of Gentlemen clubs in Monaco


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