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Gentlemen clubs in Newcastle

February 28, 2017
Gentlemen clubs in Newcastle

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Newcastle is a lively and exciting major city in the North of England. It is a fantastic night out. Visitors go to St James’ Park, the stadium, to watch matches being played to by the world famous football team. ‘Geordies’, as the locals are known, are notoriously friendly, loud and great fun. Consequently, Gentlemen clubs in Newcastle are a real draw for the many stag parties and visitors that come the city all year round.

There are a large number of Gentlemen clubs in Newcastle that reflect the types of visitors that arrive. High class lap dancing chains mingle with lower quality, smaller clubs. However, even with this variation, all strip clubs in Newcastle are very much private dance orientated as they work on the ‘lap dance system‘. All the transactions happen in the VIP and lap dance areas, not with bottles and drinks as is the case in European strip clubs. This system is unique to the UK in comparison to the rest of continental Europe. Girls rotate on stage shows and these are normally topless. Strip clubs do not require the girls to have the flamboyance of showgirls in other countries as one or two songs is sufficient stage time for most clubs.

Gentlemen clubs in Newcastle, in line with the lap dance system, normally require girls to pay the club a ‘house-fee’ in order to work. Gentlemen’s clubs do not cap the numbers rigidly due to their profit coming from the girls as well as the customers, so competition is fierce. Consequently, some of the more well known names can have 40-50 girls working on busier nights.  Lap dancing clubs have no shortage of girls willing to compete. Strippers know Newcastle as one of the higher earning cities in the UK. A lot of girls prefer the quick movement within the clubs. Dances start at £20 so, for those that prefer less chat and more dancing, there is a lot of opportunity for business.

Strip shows in Newcastle

Some Gentlemen clubs in Newcastle have a dance dollar tipping system for stage performances. However, not all venues have this. Furthermore, clubs differ on the emphasis on pole and stage. However, all of those that require the girls to have some presence on the stage throughout the shift, will offer topless. Some strip clubs will only offer stag shows as stage entertainment.

Prostitution is currently illegal in the UK. Therefore, strip clubs are under extremely strict legislation in which to operate. They can only open under a special sex venue license, not a normal liquor license like a lot of countries. With this more stringent policy, comes specific laws and rules. As a result, the authorities do not allow touching and definitely no extras. Clubs will be shut down if they do not adhere to these conditions and it is a big risk to flout the rules. It is extremely hard for new gentlemen’s clubs to obtain licenses due to these laws.

Locations of Gentlemen clubs in Newcastle

Gentlemen clubs in Newcastle centre around the city:-

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