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Gentlemen Clubs in Slovakia

February 6, 2017

Gentlemen Clubs in Slovakia

Slovakia is one of the Central European countries that is a hugely popular destination for stag parties and groups of guys going on breaks. The ultimate bachelor party requisites of cheap alcohol, cheap flights and beautiful women, means that men visit to enjoy, the capital, Bratislava’s thriving nightlife.

Gentlemen Clubs in Slovakia work on the ‘Champagne system‘. Drinks and lap dances are sold by the girls. Drinks for girls are more expensive than customers’ drinks, but they are to be reminded they aren’t just buying a drink. The price includes the girls time and companionship as long as the drink lasts. Some visitors, especially those from the UK with limited experiences of European style strip clubs, get caught out with this system.

There are a variety of strip club styles in Slovakia. Most are beautiful venues and the standard of girls is high. The capital has the highest concentration. Strip clubs have nude girls doing stage shows on rotation. Some venues are cabaret style with real showmanship with have troupes of girls with choreographed shows as entertainment. Clubs take steps to stand out to ensure customers remember them. There is a club that offers a full spa experience with sauna and Jacuzzis, another that allows customers to talk to girls through webcam. There is also a club that offers erotic massage.

Prostitution is legal in Slovakia but pimping and brothels are not. There are still clubs and girls that do, however, offer more than a lap dance and touching is normal. Therefore, care should be taken when entering venues with no research both for dancers wanting to work and for patrons visiting.

The Girls in Gentlemen Clubs in Slovakia

Slovakia mainly attracts girls from Eastern Europe. Prices run a lot cheaper than Western Europe even though the Euro is the currency in Slovakia. Tourists are attracted to the lower prices and this is a major reason they arrive and are willing to spend. However, for western European dancers, earning at these rates is not viable to pay bills in their home countries. As a result you will rarely, if ever, find dancers from the UK, Germany, France, Belgium or similar countries. Instead, you will find local girls and mostly girls from the neighbouring countries of Hungary and the Czech Republic. The cost of living in these countries is similar and the Czech and Slovakian languages are very similar due to the history of both countries. For girls from the Czech Republic, it makes an easy, accessible place to work away from home.

Locations of Gentlemen Clubs in Slovakia

As previously mentioned, Gentlemen Clubs in Slovakia mainly occur in the capital city of Bratislava. This includes:- Find all detailed information about the strip clubs in Bratislava here!

Information about Slovakia

Slovakia is in central Europe and was previously part of Czechoslovakia. It borders on the Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria, Poland and Ukraine. Slovakia has a population of approximately 5.4 million people and large tourist numbers. Therefore, there’s always money passing through.

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