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Gentlemen Clubs in Split

April 21, 2017

Gentlemen Clubs in Split

Split is the second largest city in Croatia and the largest of the Dalmatian cities. It is on the Adriatic sea coast and is a lively beach town attracting many stag parties from western Europe. With many low cost airlines servicing Split, from countries such as the UK, there are many tourists travelling in, all of the time. Split is a very historical city and one of the oldest in the region. It is very appealing for anyone looking for a short getaway and, therefore, Gentlemen Clubs in Split have a lot to work with.

Gentlemen Clubs in Split work on the ‘Champagne system‘. Lap dancing clubs catch stag party guest out regularly, if they aren’t careful. Clients do not realise that, unlike the system in the UK, they are always paying for the dancer’s time. Guests, quite often, only find this out when it is time to pay the bill.  Gentlemen’s clubs in Split offer fully nude performances on stage and private shows, in addition to the bottles and drinks. Prostitution is illegal in Croatia but that doesn’t stop it happening, sometimes in the clubs. Patrons should be cautious they don’t get caught up in legal issues related to inappropriate behaviour or non-payment of bill.

Find strip clubs in split here!

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1 Comment on this Article

  • EuropeanTourist

    Take care of you pls , if you ever wanderer and end yourself in a strip club from Split (Croatia) !!!

    First of all ,these clubs have absolutely nothing to offer and they just want to make you pay as much as possible (for that ‘nothing’). They want you to pay by card , but of course the amount will be much higher, when you enter the PIN code.
    Also they put ‘tranquilliser’ in the bottle you ask for drink . The way they fool you , and they ripp you off, is very basic and very primitive. They are incredible greedy.
    The girls are not looking good (they are some poor girls with no house and no food) desperate to make their boss happy ( by fooling somehow any tourist).
    Take care ,that these strip clubs are placed in some very good places in Split (e.g. Bacvice Beach), but they are owned by some local mobs.
    There’s a network of them ,with some strong bad boys working for them, including the security once you enter those strip clubs. In Split you’ll notice sometimes, some large glossy cars , advertising the respective strip club , on top of them. The drivers are big dudes with muscles , and promising you they will take you to some nice girls.

    If you are one of the unlucky people to read this, after you have already experienced a strip club by yourself , all you can do is to go to police, and even more, if you have financial possibilities, you could sue that strip club.

    P.S. Don’t imagine that strip clubs in other places of Europe are good, almost all of them are awful places, but those in Split(Croatia) are the worst I’ve ever seen.

    on January 13, 2018 Log in to Reply

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