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Gentlemen clubs in Tallinn Guide and Advice

February 17, 2017

Gentlemen clubs in Tallinn

Tallinn is the capital of Estonia and a city that is known for its history and beauty.  Along with this comes the draw for stag parties from all over Europe. Estonia is well known for having very beautiful women and a combination of this, an abundance of package deals and cheap alcohol results in men arriving in large numbers for a few days of debauchery.  The groom will definitely get a stag party to remember, hence, Gentlemen clubs in Tallinn are definitely go-to places.

Gentlemen clubs in Tallinn work on the ‘Champagne system‘. Girls sell drinks to make commission as well as lap dances. Clubs are at each extreme, from fantastic VIP gentlemen’s clubs to lower class striptease. Most of the clubs have stage rotations of nude pole dancers. Some of the clubs offer outlandish, themed shows with very talented showgirls.

Estonia has legalised prostitution, but pimping and brothels are illegal. In similar conditions to most of the surrounding countries in the region, authorities turn a blind eye to such matters a lot of the time. Ultimately, there are an array of choices, from erotic massage parlours to sex shows, alongside the more traditional strip clubs. Consequently, girls working in a lot of these types of erotic venues will offer more and touching is very normal. In fact, clients and dancers expect it. This is an element of strip clubs in Tallinn that appeals to clients. Many of the stag parties come from countries where this isn’t the norm. Therefore, care should be taken when entering venues with no research if this is something you aren’t into.

Types of girls working in Gentlemen clubs in Tallinn

Estonia mainly attracts girls from the other Baltic countries of Latvia and Lithuania. Furthermore, Finnish girls also find it easier to work here as the languages are very similar. Estonia is a Euro-zone country. However, prices are cheaper here than other countries in Western Europe and Scandinavia. Tallinn attracts tourists with the reduced prices. Consequently, western European dancers earning at these commission rates is not productive due to higher living costs in their home countries. Competition is fierce for the dancers in strip clubs in Tallinn as there are very high standards within the clubs. There are many beautiful girls in this region. As a result, the lap dancing clubs have no problem maintaining expectations.

Locations of Gentlemen clubs in Tallinn

As the biggest city and the capital, most of the strip clubs in Estonia centre in, and around, Tallinn including:-

Information about Tallinn

Estonia has a relatively small population of only around 1.3 million people. 408,000 of which live in Tallinn It is statistically proven that Estonians are a beautiful nation, boasting the highest number of supermodels per capita in the world! (source)

Tallinn doesn’t just have the city life to offer, it also has 2km of unspoilt beach in the Pirita district. Finally, the local liqueur is called ‘Vana Tallinn’. This drink is served in many forms; hot or cold, in cocktails or straight up. You can even put it in coffee with it’s flavours of toffee, cinnamon, citrus and warm spices. Therefore, be sure to sample it when you visit the city or strip clubs in Tallinn.



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