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Gentlemen clubs in Tenerife Guide and Advice

April 22, 2017

Gentlemen clubs in Tenerife

Tenerife is the largest and most populated out of all of the Canary Islands with nearly 900,000 inhabitants. It is just off the west coast of the African continent and enjoys warm to hot weather all year round. This makes Tenerife an extremely attractive holiday destination for northern Europeans. So much so, that 5 million people visit this relatively small island, a year. Tenerife has a huge expat population and this is growing. Many have started to move away from the more traditional Costa del Sol. Cheap flights and package deals make Tenerife very popular with younger groups and stag parties. This means strip clubs in Tenerife have a lot to work with.

Gentlemen clubs in Tenerife work on the ‘Champagne system‘ but there are elements of the ‘lap dance system‘ in place because of the demographic. Drinks commission is usually offered. However, because many of the dances are short dances, volume of clients means that selling drinks is not as cost effective for the dancer’s time. Stage is not really the focus of Gentlemen clubs in Tenerife. Therefore, you will not have guarantees of just buying a drink and watching the dancers. There are many street hookers on the main tourist strip that can be very aggressive so lap dancing clubs in Tenerife try and distance themselves from this and don’t offer sex.

Locations of Gentlemen clubs in Tenerife

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Finally, strip clubs in Tenerife include:-

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