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Gentlemen clubs in Vienna Guide and Advice

April 22, 2017

Gentlemen Clubs in Vienna

Vienna is the largest in and capital of Austria. It has a population of 1.8 million people with the metropolitan area having 2.6 million inhabitants. The city is the seventh most populated in the European Union. The second largest number of German speaking inhabitants are in this city after Berlin. OPEC and the United Nations are in this city, amongst other international organisations. Vienna is very close the eastern Austrian border, close to the borders of the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary. Therefore, this accessible location means that many girls from these countries dance in the strip clubs in Vienna to take advantage of the stronger Euro currency.

Gentlemen clubs in Vienna run in line with lap dancing clubs throughout Austria. The system is extremely similar to that of Germany. The Gentlemen clubs in Vienna operate on the ‘Champagne System‘ in terms of commission structure and style. Girls sell drinks, which often start at the significantly higher price of €30. This covers her commission and means she is paid for her time. There is, however a lot more focus on the stage than there is in other European countries. Strippers offer cheaper, shorter private shows as well as VIP and Champagne bookings so there is something to suit every budget. As a result, the pace, club to club, varies greatly.

Gentlemen clubs in Vienna very robustly encourage tipping on the stage. Strip clubs in Vienna will offer ‘funny money’ or ‘show dollars’. These often equate to a Euro a dancing dollar. The inclusion of this, makes it easy to tip off the the girls small amounts rather than have to give €5 each time in their garter. Performers will work the crowd to collect as many tips as possible. The shows will also regularly go full nude. A private show normally begins at €50 for 2 songs.

The girls in gentlemen clubs in Vienna

Austria legalised prostitution so sometimes the lines between that and dancing are blurred in the lap dancing clubs. Furthermore, strip clubs consider touching to be completely acceptable and is often encouraged. Therefore, dancers and clients must be cautious that they end up in the right venue. It is always wise to check beforehand if possible.

Most gentlemen’s clubs offer fixed salary and accommodation as many dancers travel in. As a result, pole dancing venues monitor dancer numbers and you won’t find extremely large numbers of girls in the strip clubs in Vienna.

As mentioned in the opening, many eastern European strippers come to gentlemen’s clubs in Vienna to take advantage of the Euro. German dancers also find the city appealing because they can work in their own language. Overall, any nationality of exotic dancer within Europe can work in the system of strip clubs in Vienna without losing out too much currency wise.

Locations of Gentlemen clubs in Vienna

Finally, strip clubs are approached with an open mind legally and socially throughout Austria, and Vienna is no exception. These include:-


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