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    Guide and advice to the best Strip clubs in Okanagan.

    Strip clubs in Okanagan work on the 'lap dance system'. Dancers pay a set fee to the clubs in order to work. This fee can take the form of a set house fee, tip-out to staff or a percentage of the total amount of dance commission earned.

    This system creates a level of urgency amongst the strippers as they can, potentially, end up out of pocket if they don't make their charges. Dancer's expect clients to move in a reasonable time as the gentlemen's clubs do not pay a set wage, nor pay commissions on drinks sales.

    Okanagan is an area in the province of British Columbia, in Canada. It is also known as the Okanagan Valley or the Okanagan Country. The main city in the region is Kelowna. It is known for it's dry, sunny climate and has much outdoor recreation.

    There is also a lot of winter sports. Kelowna is the third largest metropolitan area in the province with just under 200,000 people living here. It is one of the fastest growing cities in Canada due to the quality of life and the recreational activities available in the surrounding area. As a result, house prices have exploded and it is considered very unaffordable. Another significant city in the Okanagan region is Vernon.Vernon has a metropolitan population of 58,500 people. This city has many festival throughout the year and a stream of visitors. Many visit the lakes and beaches in the summer, and take part in skiing and ice hockey in the winter. Therefore, strip clubs in the Okanagan region have a lot to work with, both with wealthy locals and the high number of visitors each year.

    Stage shows in strip clubs in Okanagan

    Strip clubs in Okaganan have two types of dancer they contract. Club dancers work the floor selling private shows and on commission. Some girls prefer this because, although there are risks that you could make nothing, the profit margins can be a lot higher if you get a good customer or night.

    Some dancers prefer the show and stage element of the job. These are the feature dancers.

    The lap dancing clubs pay them a set fee per show. Their shows are 15-20 minutes in length and have a lot of production compared to the podium shows of the club dancers. Showgirls invest a lot of time and money into this position, from the choreography to the elaborate costumes.

    Legalities of strip dancing clubs in Okanagan

    Lap dancing clubs in Okanagan work under license from the authorities. Federal law states that the selling of sex is legal, but the buying is not. Therefore, strip clubs in Okanagan would be breaking federal legislation by allowing sex on the premises. Flouting these rules can lead to venue closure and prosecution. Only those with citizenship or long term residency can be strippers in Canada legally. Authorities changed the law to prohibit girls working on working holiday visas in a bid to eliminate sex trafficking.

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