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    Guide and advice to the best Strip clubs in Prince George.

    Strip clubs in Prince George operate on the 'lap dance system' with both club dancers and feature dancers on the rosters. The club dancers pay a cut of their earnings, or a set fee, to the club in order to work. They then take home any commissions from lap dances after this.

    Strip clubs in Prince George pay feature performers on a show by show basis. Additionally, they market and promote them as special guests.

    Prince George is the 'Northern Capital' of British Columbia, in Canada. It has a population of 74,003 people. The city is a supply and service hub for one of the fastest growing regions in Canada. Furthermore, it is of major importance to the economy and culture of the province.

    Public services are one of the biggest employers in the city incorporating healthcare and education. Forestry was a major industry in Prince George, but recent times have seen a number of mill closures, with this expected to continue. Other industries include chemical plants, log home construction, speciality equipment manufacture and an oil refinery.

    Legalities in strip clubs in Prince George

    The authorities do not accept prositution in venues as a term of their licensing. This is in line with federal laws. Dancers are local as it is very difficult for overseas strippers to get the paperwork in order to work.

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