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  • Alder Inn Pub

    27214 Fraser Highway Aldergrove, BC V4W 3P8
    Alder Inn Pub Strip Club in Aldergrove, BC Canada Join us after a hard day at work for a drink and…
  • Brandis Show Lounge

    5th floor, 595 Hornby St, Vancouver, BC V6C 1A4, Canada
    Brandis Show Lounge in Vancouver Bristish Columbia Internationally renowned Brandis Show Lounge offers the best in exotic entertainment. Our discrete…
  • Caddy Shack Show Lounge

    22222 Lougheed Highway Maple Ridge BC
    Caddy Shack Show Lounge in Maple Ridge British Columbia
  • Duchess On Tranquille

    377 Tranquille Rd, Kamloops, BC V2B 3G4, Canada
    Duchess On Tranquille strip clubs in Kamloops BC Canada
  • Fox Showroom

    3366 Douglas St, Victoria, BC V8Z 3L3, Canada
    The FOX Showroom Pub in British Columbia The Fox found its residence at The Red Lion Inn during the mid 1980's.…
  • JJ’s Pub

    1351 Cedar St V9W2W6 Campbell River, British Columbia
    JJ's Pub and Strip Club Campbell River, British Columbia
  • Liquid Zoo

    274 Lawrence ave Kelowna, British Columbia
    Liquid Zoo Strip Club in Kelowna, British Columbia Our dancers are exquisite, our parties are the most wild, and our hospitality…
  • On The Roxx Showlounge

    3307 32ave Vernon, British Columbia
    On The Roxx Showlounge in Vernon British Columbia On The Roxx Showlounge is Vernon’s #1 Hot Spot for Adult Entertainment and…
  • Paramount Gentlemen’s Club

    652 Columbia Street New Westminster, B.C.
    Paramount Gentlemen’s Club in Westminster British Columbia At the Paramount Gentleman’s Club you can relax and enjoy the atmosphere, which…
  • Shakers Show Lounge

    10458 Whalley Blvd. Surrey, BC
    Shakers Show Lounge Strip Club in surrey British Columbia Welcome to Shakerz Show Lounge,a great place to see live 1st Class Adult…

    1050 Granville Street Vancouver, BC V6Z 1L5
    See the best Vancouver has to offer The Granville Strip is bringing the style and artistry of Paris' legendary show…
  • The Number 5 Orange

    205 Main St, Vancouver, BC V6A 2S7
    The Number 5 Orange strip club in Vancouver The Number 5 Orange, aka: The 5, is a Vancouver institution, and…
  • The Penthouse Night Club

    1019 Seymour Street Vancouver, B.C.
    The Penthouse Night Club in Vancouver Canada With roots deep in Vancouver’s history the building at 1019 Seymour Street has…

13 places in "British Columbia"

Guide and advice to the best Strip clubs in British Columbia.

Strip clubs in British Columbia work in a variety of ways. However, all of the systems are based on the 'lap dance system'. This is where girls only make money from private shows. Gentlemen's clubs never offer fixed salary and there is no drinks commission.

Lap dancing clubs can implement the commission structure by charging a house fee, expecting girls to tip out staff such as security and DJs or by charging a percentage on all earning. As the job is purely commission based, there is a sense of urgency for clients to buy dances. Anything else is wasting the strippers time.

Stage shows in strip clubs in British Columbia

Strip clubs in British Columbia universally have a lot of emphasis on the stage shows. The dancers are split into two groups; club dancers and feature performers. Club dancers will do lap dances. They will go on rotation on the stage throughout the night and their main focus is to earn tips from the audience. Feature performers do not necessarily do private shows, though some of them do. They will be heavily marketed by the club and their performances are a lot more elaborate and choreographed that the other dancers. Themed props, costumes and music all add to the drama. Many feature dancers will specialise in different disciplines such as polework, silks and fire.

Feature performers will cultivate large followings via social media, publications, competitions and touring. The bigger the name, the higher the fee they can command.

British Columbia, BC for short, is one of the ten provinces in Canada. It has a population of 4 million people and Vancouver is here. It is part of the Pacific Northwest, which also includes the US states of Alaska, Montana, Idaho, Washington and Oregon. The capital of the province is Victoria. Mining is a major industry in British Columbia, along with logging and agriculture. BC is the endpoint of the transcontinental railway and there is a major port, making it a transportation hub.

Employment in the natural resource sector has been dropping in recent times and, instead, leaning towards the construction and service and retail sectors. 72% work in the service industry, significantly higher than the national average.

With Vancouver being a major business centre, there are many employed in finance, insurance, real estate, or similar. Outdoor pursuits and tourism are also major industries here. Seven of Canada's national parks are in the province and it is famous for it's beauty and recreational activities such as skiing. Therefore, strip clubs in British Columbia have a wide range of clientele and can suit many people.

Legalities of gentlemen's clubs in British Columbia

Like the rest of Canada, selling sex is legal but buying sex is not. Therefore, sexual services carry the risk of venues losing their license to operate. Dancers are mainly local girls due to tightening of visa laws in a bid to curb human trafficking. Unless a dancer has residency or citizenship, she cannot work legally in the country which creates a lot of limitations.

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