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  • Mavericks Cape Town

    68 Barrack Street Cape Town South Africa 8001
    Mavericks Gentlemens Club in Cape Town Welcome to Mavericks Gentlemen’s Club, a place of sophistication, elegant temptation and alluring erotic…
  • Stilettos Club

    16 Burg Street, Cape Town
    Exclusive gentleman’s club in the heart of bustling and cosmopolitan city Cape Town.  We offer top class and lovely strippers.…
  • TEAZERS cape town

    16 burg street cape town
    TEAZERS Gentlemens Club in cape town Teazers is a prestigious elite strip club in Cape Town, the most beautiful city…
  • The Loose Goose

    7 Raglan Road Bellville, Western Cape 7530
    The Loose Goose Gentlemens Club in Cape Town The Loose Goose is one of Cape Town’s latest hotspots and a…

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Guide and advice to the best Strip Clubs in Cape Town.

Cape Town is the second most populous area, after Johannesburg, on the coast of South Africa.  It is the capital of the western province and the legislative capital of the country. The Parliament of South Africa is here. It has a famous harbour and natural landmarks. Table Mountain and Cape Point are two examples. Cape Town is the tenth most populous city in South Africa with 433,688 people. It has 64% of the population of the Western Cape. Cape Town is one of the most  multicultural cities in the world, with many immigrants from all of the world and social classes settling there. Cape Town has a booming real estate and construction market. Agriculture and manufacturing has gone down but  finance, business, transport and logistics have experienced growth. The most advantageous industries in Cape Town are fishing, clothing and textiles, wood product manufacturing, electronics, furniture, finance, business services and hospitality. Therefore, strip clubs in Cape Town have many wealthy locals and out of town clients coming through the doors. Girls can make good money here.

 Strip clubs in Cape Town systems

Gentlemen's clubs in Cape Town are a combination of the 'champagne' and 'lap dance' systems. Venues do not offer a fixed salary and instead take a percentage of money earned from the dancers. This is from champagne as well as dances. As a result, there is urgency in sales as the girls are not making money if they are on the main floor without a drink. Strip clubs in Cape Town will have performers dancing on rotation on the stage. Girls are also required to perform full nude themed shows that are of a higher level of showmanship.

Gentlemen's clubs in Cape Town and the legalities

Touching is allowed in the strip clubs in Cape Town. Book outs are also very common, whereby, clients pay a fee to release the girl from the club for the night. It is very hard to police any prostitution off the premises with this system so it can happen. Prostitution and buying sex is officially illegal in South Africa but is rife throughout the country, including in Cape Town. Sex on the premises is forbidden.

The dancers in lap dancing clubs in Cape Town

Gentlemen's clubs in Cape Town have a broad range of dancers. There are many different nationalities, looks and cultures. The astounding natural beauty of the city and the surrounding areas makes it a very attractive draw for dancers that want to work somewhere more exotic and a little different. Therefore, clients will be able to find their type. One club in Cape Town can have up to a hundred girls working, due to it's size and reputation for having high standards. The South African Rand is not the strongest currency, internationally. Therefore, for some girls, the money does not convert favourably, for some, it provides a lifestyle and enough to come home with. Money can still be made but it requires more time than other countries.

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