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    38 Pinia str 5296 Protaras Cyprus
    Enigma bar is located in an excellent location in Pernera/Protaras which is famous for its beauty and remarkable beaches. Enigma…
  • Paparazzi club

    Apostolou Varnava 4 6017 Larnaca, Cyprus
    Paparazzi Club based in tourist area in Larnaca Cyprus established since 2002 until now (2017) our business with girls coming…
  • Royalty

    RURIM Cyprus Mobile Sauna, Profiti Elia 26, Mouttagiaka, Limassol, Cyprus
    Royalty Gentleman’s club is a luxurious dance club located in the tourist area of Limassol. We pride ourselves on the…

    Nissis Avenue 48 Ayia Napa, Famagusta Cyprus
    [vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Toga Toga Strip Club is the most famous strip club of Cyprus in the center of Ayia Napa, Toga Toga…

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Guide and advice to the best Strip Clubs in Cyprus.

Strip Clubs in Cyprus are typical commission based Gentlemen clubs. You will find most of them in the legendary party and nightlife city Ayia Napa.

The clubs also has a high party factor, with famous live DJ`s and disco style music. Working as a dancer here means that you will a a part of this party life yourself, with all the good and bad consequences that gives. You can have company with the dancers if you buy champagne and also have table dances and private shows. You will find dancers from all  over the world working in Cyprus. Since this is a holiday destination, this is s good change to combine work and pleasure. Cyprus has a lot to offer and its also a country with a lot of international companies who has this as there registered base and so on a lot of good spenders for the clubs.

Strip clubs in Cyprus tend to be fast paced venues, catering to a party crowd. You won't really find the really high end gentlemen's club style venues found in Moscow and London. This is a lot to do with the demographics of the clubs. Cyprus is a major tourist destination. The city of Ayia Napa is very popular amongst the 18-30 package holiday crowd looking for a party. Cyprus also has a number of British Army bases. Consequently, there are also always military guys on leave looking to let off some steam. The majority of clientele tend to be drunk, young guys on a night out so there isn't the same requirements for the clubs to appeal to the older Champagne crowd. Mild winters and long hot summers mean a huge number of expats move there permanently from countries such as the UK and Germany. All in all, it is a perfect storm of potential clientele for dancers.

Summer holidays are very busy with the younger crowd wanting to tan, party and have a wild time. Many famous DJs and acts perform in Ayia Napa, as it is one of the clubbing centres along with Ibiza. Winter invites many looking to escape the cold climates of northern Europe for some winter sun. Similar to other Mediterranean countries like Portugal and Spain, golfing holidays are very popular in Spring and Autumn. Consequently, there are many people of all ages with disposable cash passing through, any time of the year and some visit the strip clubs in Cyprus. Strip clubs in Cyprus generally run on the 'lap-dance system'. There are many clubs on the island, relatively speaking, and a lot more girls. Dancers have to be focused and determined to keep any well paying customers.

Where dancers are from in strip clubs in Cyprus

Dancers come from all over Europe to dance in strip clubs in Cyprus. Cyprus tempts girls with the sun, the beaches, the partying and just all round lifestyle working in a destination like this can provide. The earnings aren't as high as you could make elsewhere. However, in terms of the bigger picture, the cost of living is extremely cheap and sometimes the experience makes up for it. Cyprus is a very international island. Ultimately, only English is required within the clubs. Prostitution is not illegal in Cyprus, however any pimping, running of a brothel or coercion is. The government cracks down on the cabarets and strip clubs in Cyprus and have done for a while. This is in an attempt to curb girls being pressured into things or trafficking. In 2006 the first prostitution-related imprisonment occurred. Authorities sentenced the owner of a strip club on the island to 15 days for profiting and encouraging the girls to engage in prostitution. The dancers often allow touching. Therefore, dancers and clientele alike are advised to check the specific rules of each venue first to ensure no awkward situations can arise.

Locations of strip clubs in Cyprus

Cyprus has Toga Toga in Ayia Napa and Enigma Bar in Protaras.