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  • Chase Lounge Strip Club in Dover Delaware

    Bikini bar 4123 North Dupont HWY, Dover, DE
    Chase Lounge Strip Club in Dover Delaware
  • Crazy 8’s Bikini Lounge

    704 Norman Eskridge Hwy Seaford, Delaware 19973
    Crazy 8's Bikini Lounge strip club in Seaford Delaware
  • Fairways Inn

    4167 S Dupont Blvd Smyrna, Delaware 19977
    Fairways Inn strip Club in Smyrna Delaware
  • Hak’s Sports Bar

    Address 1050 S Market St Wilmington, Delaware 19801
    Hak's Sports Bar in Wilmington Delaware


  •  1 Augies Cabaret

    Augies Cabaret

    424 Hennepin Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55401, USA
    Njtty quote This place is a lot of fun. It'd be great if they'd change the hours back to opening at 5pm.I loved working and hanging out here.
    on September 5, 2021
  •  1 Red Dog Saloon Okc

    Red Dog Saloon Okc

    6417 NW 10th St Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
    on September 17, 2020
  •  1 Night Trips OKC

    Night Trips OKC

    220 S Vermont Ave Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
    Fuck0ff quote Walked in lost 250 within an hour.i paid because im a nice guy and didnt want a problem. 2 spanish girls suckered me. 10 to cover. 40 to drinks THEY ORDERED. 100 A PIECE FOR 2 DANCES. THEY SWORE IT WAS 4 BUT THEY ONLY ASKED IF I WANTED TO CONTINUE ONCE. ORIGINAL DANCE WAS QUOTED 2 GIRLS 25$ DO NOT GO THERE. AND NEVER EVER TALK OR GET A LAPDANCE FROM ANYONE WHO DOESNT SPEAK ENGLISH!!!!
    on September 17, 2020
  •  1 Browns Shoreditch

    Browns Shoreditch

    Browns, 1 Hackney Road, London, E2 7NX
    Josh55 quote A decent club, but I didn't find it to be as warm and inviting as some other strip clubs. The opening hours could extend later too. If you're in the area, its okay, but otherwise, I wouldn't make a special journey. Maybe checkout Stringfellows, which is open a lot later. But if you do head over to strings, arriving early as they usually have a happy hour, specials are sometimes posted on
    on June 6, 2020

4 places in "Delaware"

Guide and advice to the best Strip clubs in Delaware.

Not surprisingly, there is only four strip clubs in Delaware. Spread throughout the state. The Chase Lounge, a pastie club, is located in Dover. The state’s capital and home to Dover Downs Hotel & Casino as well as Dover International Speedway.

In Wilmington, Delaware’s largest city, you’ll find Hak’s Sports Bar. Likewise a pastie club. The state’s other two clubs are the topless Fairways Inn in Smyrna and Crazy 8’s Bikini Lounge in Seaford.

Strip Clubs In Delaware (USA) Guide and Advice.

Located within the Northeastern region of the United States near major cities such as Philadelphia, New York, Baltimore and Washington, D.C. “The First State” of Delaware ranks 49th in size at just under 2,000 square miles and 45th in population. With just under 1,000,000 residents. While not a major financial powerhouse. The state is a business magnet due to its ease of corporation formation and favorable business laws.

Atmosphere, laws and prices in strip clubs in Delaware.

Little can be derived about the strip clubs in Delaware from their social media pages and they all lack websites. The clubs themselves are of lower quality and are best classified as “locals” clubs. Not having the amenities that many upscale clubs offer. As for prices, don’t expect to pay much more than the industry average of $20 per song couch dances and $10 per person nighttime cover charges. Prostitution is illegal in Delaware, as it is within the rest of the country. With the exception of a select number of counties in the state of Nevada.

Attitudes to strip clubs in Delaware

The strip clubs in Delaware have long been a target of crime and violence. Resulting in the recent forced closure of The Gold Club location in Wilmington due to nuisance issues. The Fairway Inn, however, is open but still trying to recover from its sordid past. Before visiting any Delaware strip clubs, do your research… even to make sure they’re still open.