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Guide and advice to the best Strip Clubs in Denmark.

Denmark is well known for its Strip Clubs and the red light district "Istedgade" in Copenhagen is a popular place to visit. In earlier years this is where you used to find all the Clubs in the city, but the last years several high end Gentleman Clubs has established themselves in this great night life city.

The Strip clubs in Denmark are based on the Champagne and private show system, but its also common in several clubs that the customers can pay the club to take the girls with them. Aarhus and Aalborg is the two other citys in Denmark where you will find Strip Clubs. In Denmark you will find strippers with all nationalities from within the European Union, there are less and less Danish girls that work in the clubs, compared to earlier years. Denmark is know as a safe and good country to work in with a strong economy, so its a popular destination for dancers to work in.

Copenhagen has the main concentration of strip clubs in Denmark. There are only a couple of cities outside of this with striptease, notably Aarhus and Aalborg. Patrons are expected to buy dancers bottles or ladies drinks in order to gain the time of the dancer as the clubs operate on the 'Champagne System'. They also offer private shows. Prices start at around 1000DKK and stage shows are also common, though tipping is not standard.

Stage shows normally take the form of a basic pole show and not a feature show in strip clubs in Denmark. This means dancers will normally dance in what they are wearing already without specific costumes and props. Dancers in strip clubs in Denmark will commonly go full nude in stage shows. These are not of significant length, maybe one or two songs.Dancers will put less pressure to go into the private rooms immediately with Champagne being offered. Customers in strip clubs in Denmark have a chance to get to know the dancer a little more, whilst still paying for her time. It is of a slower pace with larger hits of money when it arrives. Most of the profit for the girl does, however, come from the privates so there is an expectation to take a show at some point. Some of the well known Strip clubs in Copenhagen are: Angels Club, Madame Amour, Mirage, 7th Heaven, La Dolce Vita, Kakadu and Maxim Bar

Legalities of strip clubs in Denmark

Attitudes to stripping in Denmark vary hugely from the majority of Scandinavia. It is less conservative than Norway and Sweden in terms of the sex industry and prostitution is legal. A dancer must take care to ensure a contract is booked with a club that is purely striptease. Customers can book out girls in a lot of Copenhagen clubs. What happens once off the premises is at the discretion of the girl. It is unlikely that any extras happen onsite due to the specific legislation in place, which does not allow for a third party to profit from the transaction. There are, however, clean clubs available with purely dancers where girls work only in the venue. No allowances outside of dancing are available in the private rooms.Clubs will offer compensation for stage shows and a fixed salary is not unusual. Dancer numbers are kept fairly low as payment is offered.

Some information about Denmark

Denmark has a population of 5.61 million people with the most populous city being Copenhagen with 1.18 million. Aarhus is the second most populous city with 242,000. It is, therefore, unsurprising that these cities have the highest concentration of strip clubs in Denmark. (source)Copenhagen has the highest concentration of Michelin starred restaurants in Scandinavia making it a fine dining mecca. Good quality clientele come to the city and what it has to offer as this is not cheap!The UN world happiness report has labelled Denmark as the happiest people in the world two years running, making it a great atmosphere and welcoming city. (source)
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  • Bada Bing Copenhagen

    Bada Bing Copenhagen

    Gothersgade 19, 1123 Copenhagen K. Denmark.
    Bada Bing is a world-renowned Stripclub, created as a fictional stripclub in the HBO drama television series The Sopranos. The…
  • 7th HEAVEN

    Hausergade 34 ,st Copenhagen
    Welcome to 7th heaven We take you beyond the velvet ropes, pushing the limits of entertainment with new ideas and…

    Nørregade 1 1165 Copenhagen K Denmark
    [vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Angels Club have only one desire: To thrill and delight all your senses! The first and by far the biggest…

    Vesteraa 24 9000 Aalborg Denmark
    Nude Striptease Club

    Colbjørnsensgade 6 1652 København V Denmark
    Kakadu – the town’s most exclusive nightclub – dating back from the 30’s, where it was called an “American bar”.…

    Mindegade 6 8000 Aarhus C Denmark
    The only Strip and gentlemans Club in Aarhus Denmark

    Trommesalen 5 1614 Copenhagen Denmark
    We provide a fun and comfortable atmosphere and are experts in setting the stage for fantasy. Whether coming alone, with…
  • Lounge8000

    Mindebrogade 2
    Exclusive gentlemans club located in the heart of Aarhus. Beautiful girls, beautiful staff and only the best shows!

    Istedgade 28 1650 Copenhagen Denmark
    MADAME AMOUR THE BEST STRIPCLUB EXPERIENCE IN COPENHAGEN. The Exclusive Madame Amour in Copenhagen, is world famous for our beautiful hostesses…
  • Maxim Bar

    Colbjørnsensgade 5 1652 københavn
    The best club  in Copenhagen

    Nørregade 43, 1165 Copenhagen
    Step into Mirage and allow us to make your visit unforgettable. In our Gentlemen’s Club, located just a short walk…
  • Paradise Girls

    Jomfru Ane gade 9 st 9000 Aalborg
    Paradise Girls er en Gentlemans Club som ligger i Jomfru ane gade i Aalborg. Vi har gratis innganger på hverdager…
  • Waterloo

    Gammel Kongevej 7 1610 Copenhagen
    We open the doors every day at 21:00, and won’t close before 05:00 the next day. And every night is…




    Mühlegasse 3 CH-8001 Zürich
    Sebas88 quote Nice girls and great atmosphere
    2 days ago
  •  2 Crystal Show Club

    Crystal Show Club

    Lönnrotinkatu19 a ,00120 Helsinki
    Crystal Show Club quote Best club in Finland
    on December 26, 2018


    57 rue Fort Neipperg L-2230 Luxembourg
    Kevin123xyz quote Where to start with his place. Myself and my friend went on a Saturday night, we got two bottles of champagne, I paid for one in cash and when the barmaid went up to get money off my friend, she told him I hadn’t paid and he paid for two. Outright stealing was bad for a start. When I was drinking champagne with the dancer, I caught her pouring it into the container which is an absolute disgrace. Futhermore, she kept pushing me for tips and was trying to negotiate more money for sex (we did not have sex) and I was very disappointed to find out it was actually a brothel not a strip club. It felt far dirtier and it was not what we were looking for. One of my worst ever experiences in Luxembourg, a disgraceful thieving brothel disguising itself as a strip club. I would advise everyone who has a chance to read this to stay away at all costs. WORST STRIP CLUB IN LUXEMBOURG!!!!!
    on December 8, 2018
  •  1 Cats Night Club

    Cats Night Club

    Michalská 2 Bratislava, Slovakia
    robertbrylewski quote I had a wonderfull time and will come back soon
    on October 13, 2018