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    Eerikinkatu 3, Helsinki
    Since 1997 when it opened its doors for the first time, Alcatraz Exclusive Club has been the premium choice of…
  • Club She

    Pisteenpolku 4
    One of the most beautiful erotic clubs in all Finland. Amazing girls from all over the world, with different shows…
  • Crystal Show Club

    Lönnrotinkatu19 a ,00120 Helsinki
    CRYSTAL SHOW CLUB IN HELSINKI Looking for strip tease in Helsinki? Or just some excitement in the Helsinki night life?…
  • Gentlemans Club

    Iso Roobertinkatu 4-6 Helsinki
    Gentlemans Club is a high quality striptease and erotic restaurant in the center of Helsinki. NB! Genuine original striptease not…
  • Gentlemans Club Finland

    Iso-Roobertinkatu 4 ,Helsinki, Finland
    Gentlemans Club is the best Striptease club in Helsinki. Pleasant atmosphere,professional topless show.

    Kustaankatu 6 Helsinki Finland
    Hot Girls Helsinki offers a high level of private striptease and program service. Through us you can get a subscription…

    Tulliportinkatu 33 Finland
    Hot Girls offers a high level of private striptease and program service. Through us you can get a subscription from…

    Rongankatu 2 Tampere Finland
    Hot Girls Tampere offers a high level of private striptease and program service. Through us you can get a subscription…

    Maaherrankatu 22 Mikkeli, 50100 Finland
    Strip Club in Mikkeli Finland

    valtakatu 54 53100 Lappeenranta
    PUNAISET LYHDYT. Red Lanterns is a long tradition of having erotic restaurant in the center of Lappeenranta. Dancer will change…

10 places in "Finland"

Guide and advice to the best Strip Clubs In Finland.

Strip Clubs in Finland are typical European club concepts, with stage shows and where you can have company with the dancers in private VIP rooms or just by the table in the club.

Some of the clubs class themselves as erotic clubs and the private rooms can be very intimate. The System is commission based from champagne and private shows and table dances. You ill find most of the Strip Clubs in Finland in Helsinki witch is the capital with not more than 600 000 citizens. The number of clubs is not so high, but still normal for the size of the city. Helsinki is known for having a great nightlife and the Gentlemen clubs here are a good addition to this. In Finland you will find both local girls, but also a lot of dancers from Estonia, because of the closeness and similarities in the language.

Finland is a Baltic country that is classified as Scandinavian. Whilst the other Scandinavian countries have Germanic roots and, therefore, have many similarities, Finnish is a lot closer in sound and structure to Estonian. Strip clubs in Finland tend to concentrate around the capital, Helsinki. This city has a great reputation for it's nightlife and culture.

Strip clubs in Finland run on the 'Champagne system'. Dancers make commission from drinks as well as the private shows. Clubs put emphasis on nude stage shows and tipping. Dancers who like performing and are good at working a crowd tend to do better here. There is a culture of money around the stage. Strip clubs in Finland are not hugely commonplace as there is a relatively small population. Whilst there are many tourists, a lot of Scandinavian business tends to centre around Copenhagen, Oslo and Stockholm so there isn't the same volume of traffic passing through. Finland has an excellent reputation amongst dancers. The clubs expect long hours from the girls but this does translate into good earnings. Standards are high. Some clubs will let dancers be booked out and prostitution is legal (similar to Denmark) so care should be taken to ensure uncomfortable situations don't occur. Some clubs do allow things to go a little further, though this varies hugely venue to venue. You will find many Latvian, Lithuanian and Estonian girls in strip clubs in Finland due to it's proximity to these countries. That doesn't discount dancers from all over the rest of Europe. The economy does translate to being worthwhile for any dancer travelling in. As earnings can be very high, it is one of the more attractive countries to work in the region. Clubs do cap dancer numbers and, usually, booking in advance is necessary.

Locations of strip clubs in Finland

As mentioned most of the strip clubs in Finland centre around Helsinki including:- Finally, Nummela has Club She, Mikkeli has Late Night and Lappeenranta has Punaiset Lyhdyt.

Information about Finland

4.5 million people live in Finand (source) and it is the most sparsely populated of all the countries in the European Union. Just because a lot of the financial focus is on the rest of Scandianavia, doesn't mean Finland is not strong economically. In 2006, Finland obtained respectively the 1st and 2nd position at the World Economic Forum's Global Competitiveness Report and Growth Competitiveness Index Ranking. (source) The Finns are also a very sexually open minded bunch:-
According to a 2013 YouGov survey on sexual behaviour in Europe, Finnish respondents came on top for watching the most pornography (63%), using sex toys (39%), filming or taking photos of themselves while having sex (15%), dressing up in costumes while having sex (14%), and taking viagra (11%). Finns also have the highest percentage of respondents having been unfaithful to their partner (32%) and having had a sexually transmitted disease (16%). They come second after the Danes for the number of people have admit having had one-night stands (48%). (source)
With statistic like these, it's no surprise that there's a lot of money passing through the strip clubs in Finland!