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  • Angels

    Schönhauser Allee 5, 10119 Berlin
    The Angels is an Ladies and Gentlemen’s Club in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg / Mitte. Experience an unforgettable night in Berlin…
  • Angels Tabledance Berlin

    Schönhauser Allee 5, 10119 Berlin
    [vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] Angels Tabledance Berlin The Angels is an Ladies and Gentlemen's Club in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg / Mitte. Experience an…
  • Angels Tabledance Club Berlin

    Schönhauser Allee 5, 10119 Berlin
    The Angels Berlin is located right in the center of Berlin. The hottest Stripclub / Tabledance Club in Town with…

    Potsdamer Straße 82, 10785 Berlin, Germany

    Trautenaustr. 23/24 -10717 Berlin
    Welcome to Rush Hour.Exceptionally beautiful dancers writhe acrobatically around the bars on modern show stages, accompanied by driving House- or…

    Bismarkstraße 90 Berlin, Germany
    Table Dance Nightclub in Berlin. Enjoy a pleasant atmosphere, the perfectly mixed drinks our bar, the exciting erotic show of…

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Guide and advice to the best Strip clubs in Berlin.

Berlin is the capital and largest city in Germany. It has a population of 3.3 million people and is the second largest in the European Union after London. Berlin is a centre of culture, education and, most notably, technology. Pharmaceuticals, electronics and renewable energy are just a few of the industries that Berlin hosts as a centre within Germany. Berlin attracts leading members within these fields with such forward thinking technology and specialities. Therefore, there are a lot of monied residents as well as visitors. In 2015 there were 28.7 million overnight stays in the city. These included stag parties, business travellers and tourists. This absolutely huge number provides many of the patrons of Strip clubs in Berlin.

The 'Champagne System' is the commission structure used in Gentlemen clubs in Berlin. Therefore, girls make money in a similar way to the rest of Germany and many countries in continental Europe. Strippers can make as much money from drinks sales as from dance sales if they are good at the hostessing and conversation. It does work in a slower pace in comparison to countries such as the UK. There is pressure on customers to buy drinks and bottles fairly quickly. Furthermore, these generally start at around €30 for a dancer drink. As the dancer is making money from the initial drink there is less expectation to get a private show immediately. The patron is still paying for her time. A lap dance starts at around €50 for 2 songs, fully nude. VIP dances are available for those that have a higher budget so there is something for most visitors, regardless of financial situation.

Systems of Strip clubs in Berlin

There is one major difference between strip clubs in Germany and those in the surrounding countries. Lap dancing clubs in Berlin put a definite focus on stage shows. Similar to strip clubs in the USA, tipping is actively encouraged and it is not unusual for a girl to leave the stage during a performance to gather tips from the crowd. Gentlemen's clubs provide for this by utilising 'show dollars'. Funny money within the club where one note carries the value of €1. Prostitution is legal in Germany. The clubs are not breaking any laws selling sex on the premises so some do. Touching is very common in strip clubs in Berlin as this is very tame compared to some situations. Clubs pay fixed salaries so they keep dancer numbers low. Girls come from predominantly Eurozone countries and eastern Europe. The German economy is the strongest in Europe so it works for girls from most countries. You will find a reasonable number of local girls working in strip clubs in Berlin as the industry is relatively accepted socially.

 Locations of Strip clubs in Berlin

Finally, Berlin is a hugely cosmopolitan city with metropolitan Berlin having residents from around 180 countries. This rich diversity in cultures make Berlin a very bohemian and flamboyant city with a nightlife that has an awesome reputation worldwide. Strip clubs in Berlin make up part of this and include:-

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