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    Moselstraße 46, 60329 Frankfurt am Main
    The GOLDEN GATE TABLE DANCE CLUB combines exclusivity and modern design. Experience in the overall experience "American Table Dance" staged…
  • Lido Night Club

    Moselstraße 32 60329 Frankfurt Germany
    Dear Guest, the Lido Nightclub offers you for an unforgettable evening with professional live shows. Frankfurt's private art Nightclub is…

    Taunusstraße 34 60329 Frankfurt am Main
    Hot erotic, acrobatic stage shows, metropolitan Clubfeeling and fine champagne in a sparkling atmosphere - this is the PURE PLATINUM…

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Strip clubs in Frankfurt guide and advice.

The city of Frankfurt is the financial and transportation centre of Germany and the fifth largest city in the country. Such is the impact of this city, it is the largest financial centre in the whole of continental Europe. It has a population of around 704,500 people. Frankfurt (Main) is a huge metropolitan area. The second largest in Germany. Approximately 5.6 million people live here. Frankfurt has a large number of international bank head offices. These include the European Central Bank, Deutsche Bank, Bank of Federal Germany and the Frankfurt Stock Exchange as well as many others. Transport systems in Frankfurt are leaders worldwide. Frankfurt Airport is one of the busiest in the world and Frankfurt Central Rail Station is one of the largest. Therefore, these exceptional links, combined with the high level of financial and industrial business, means that strip clubs in Frankfurt are in a prime location for clientele.

Strip clubs in Frankfurt have system in line with the very distinct style throughout Germany. The 'Champagne System' is the commission structure used, similar to other gentlemen's clubs throughout continental Europe. Clubs will limit the number of dancers as they offer fixed salaries as standard. There is an unmistakable focus on the stage, unlike similar venues in neighbouring countries. Most clubs will offer 'show dollars' and tipping of the striptease on stage is actively encouraged and expected. This is very similar to strip clubs in the USA. Strippers will often go into the crowd during performances to hustle extra tips. Feature shows do occur in some strip clubs in Frankfurt and almost all stage performances, for both showgirls and club dancers, will go fully nude.

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Dances in Gentlemen clubs in Frankfurt

There is expectation for customers to provide drinks and bottles for the strippers if they engage in conversation and take the dancers' time. This is due to girls earning commission on this. As a result the selling pace for lap dances is slower then countries such as the UK. The tipping system for the stage dancers, however, keeps things moving in the strip clubs in Frankfurt, so they are not necessarily quiet. Drinks for dancers start at around €30. Customers not used to this system can get caught out with this pricing structure. Drinks for exotic dancers and drinks for customers are not the same price. Lap dances start at around €50 for 2 songs. VIP private shows can run into the hundreds. There is something for everyone in strip clubs in Frankfurt. Prostitution is legal in Germany and some of the clubs do offer extras. Consequently, a lot of them allow touching in the private dances. Therefore, this should be noted and the exact rules of specific venues should be established beforehand. Strippers in Frankfurt tend to come from all over Europe, especially other Eurozone countries and eastern Europe where the economies are weaker. Furthermore, the central location and exceptional transport links mentioned make it a very easy and attractive location for girls to visit.

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