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    Schillerstr. 11a · 80336 München
    Seductive and without compromise to expect the Bad Angel. A dreamlike experience with the most unique ladies from all over…

    Dachauer Str. 17, 80335 München
    For over 10 years our house is known with level and a touch of luxury to offer quality entertainment for…

    Weba-Gastro GmbH Schillerstraße 24 80336 München, Germany
    Welcome to the Cabaret Tiffany Perhaps the greatest Cabaret, its kind in Munich! For over 40 years, it has its…

    Maderbräustraße 4 80331 München
    Welcome to the Dolce Vita Tabledance Munich! The Dolce Vita Tabledance Munich offers in a non-stop show 20:00 to 05:00…

    Schillerstr. 19 80336 München
    The "Cabaret Femina" She's very welcome. Our unique Nightclub Cabaret is located right in the heart of Munich City.Here you…

    Ledererstrasse 21, 80331 München
    We have for you a constantly changing program, with everything that man could ever want. Enjoy the casual and relaxed…
  • Madam Strip Club

    Munich 80331, Ledererstraße 21
    Celebrate exuberantly with the most beautiful ladies in Europe in Munich´s most exklusive gentlemens club ! Feast your eyes on…

    Grafinger Straße 6 81671 München Bayern, Deutschland
  • Queens Stripclub&Tabledance

    Goethestrasse 3 80336 München
    Munich’s exclusive Stripclub & TabledanceCelebrate effusively with the most beautiful ladies in Europe! Discover our ladies at Queens Stripclub & Tabledance in…

    Goethestraße 3 • 80336 München
    Celebrate omitted with the most beautiful girls from all over Europe!Keep up stage shows that you are under the spell.…

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Guide and advice to the best Strip clubs in Munich.

Strip clubs in Munich have a very distinct style. The ‘Champagne System‘ is used. Strip clubs in Munich has a pronounced focus on the stage compared to other countries in Europe. Dancers offer cheaper, shorter private shows as well as bottle commission so the pace varies hugely. Therefore, different work styles and budgets can benefit when you are visiting Gentlemen Clubs in Munich.

Most strip clubs in Munich will offer ‘funny money’ and tipping is expected in the shows especially if you are sitting around the stage. Girls work the crowd for show dollars during performances and will often go fully nude. Private dances normally start at around €50 for a lap dance of around 2 songs in length and a ladies drink will go from €30 upwards. With the various pricing options available, strip clubs in Germany will have customers from all walks of life.The majority of clubs offer a fixed salary to dancers and so dancer numbers are monitored. It is very usual for clubs to offer accommodation. Dancers tend to come from all over Europe due to the countries central location. The commission structure and fixed salary system is also an attractive prospect for travelling dancers.

Munich is the capital of Bavaria and the third biggest city in Germany after Berlin and Hamburg, with a population of 1.5 million people. Furthermore, the metropolitan area of Munich houses 5.8 million.

Munich is ranked number one in terms of living quality in Germany and number four worldwide. It is a centre of education, finance,  art, technologies, culture and tourism within Germany. It is Germany's most popular city for tourists with 70 million visiting in one year. One main draw for visitors is the world famous 'Oktoberfest', a 2 week festival that runs annually. Normally running the 16 days up to the first Sunday of October, this event alone brings in 6 million people and one of the main focuses is beer. It is replicated worldwide in lesser forms. Germany is extremely famous for it's beers and is one of the huge attraction for stag parties. Therefore, strip clubs in Munich are within a thriving city with a lot to offer it's many visitors.

Gentlemen clubs in Munich use the 'Champagne System' as a commission structure. The stripper is paid per drink, or bottle, sold, therefore, drinks for dancers are at an escalated price.

Lap dancers expect the customer to buy at least a glass quite early on in the experience and by doing so will have less pressure to buy a private show immediately. In addition, this gives the client the opportunity to get to know the dancer a little better. It also means, that the dancer is under less pressure for her time. She is paid, even whilst out on the club floor due to the way commission is calculated.

Private dances start at around €50 for two songs in strip clubs in Munich.

Prostitution is legal in Germany so there are no restrictions on the lap dancing clubs selling extras in the dance rooms. Touching is fairly acceptable in strip clubs in Munich. Therefore, customers need to establish exactly what they want and go to the correct venue. Clubs monitor dancer numbers as they pay a fixed salary to the girls. They are mainly local girls and eastern European. You will, however, find girls from all over Europe due to Germany's central location and strong economy.

Stage shows in Gentlemen clubs in Munich

Munich has some very large, busy gentlemen's clubs. Furthermore, the atmospheres are lively and people are ready to party. This is due to, in part, the stage shows. Strip clubs in Germany differ from their European counterparts in that there is a lot of focus on tipping on stage. In this sense, they have a lot of parallels with US clubs. Most clubs will offer ‘show dollars’ or 'funny money'. This is a club currency where one Dollar is one Euro for ease of putting a note in a strippers garter or g-string. The clubs and dancers expect customers to tip. Girls will leave the stage in the middle of performances to collect these. Shows are normally fully nude. Here you can find strippers in Munich to book for your private stag or hen party

Locations of Strip clubs in Munich

Finally, clubs in Munich include:-

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