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    38-39 Lower Leeson Street Dublin 2

    55 Dame Street, Dublin 2
    Club Lapello Dublin’s Finest Strippers Dublin’s longest established Gentlemen’s Club. Located right in the centre of Dublin City, Club Lapello…

    7 Dominic street Galway, n/a Ireland
    Welcome to Le Paradis Gentlemen’s Club, Galway, Ireland. We offer an exceptional experience of top class entertainment in a relaxed…

    15 Leitrim Street, Cork City, Ireland.
    A haven for stag parties situated in the heart of vibrant Cork City. Stag Party Cork! Experience a stag party…

    47 South William Street, Dublin 2, Ireland
    The Barclay Club is Ireland’s Premier Strip Club, located on South William Street, Dublin 2, Ireland. The Barclay Club is…

    31,32 Leitrim St.City Centre. Cork Ireland
    Established over 10 years, we are The original first Gentlemans Club in the City of Cork, Ireland. Seductive scantily clad…


  •  1 Centerfold's


    229 SW Cutoff, Worcester, MA 01604, USA
    hollywood quote Spent time in the VIP. Had fun
    on March 23, 2022
  •  1 BareBack-Saloon


    729 Pilot Butte Ave 82901 Rock Springs, Wyoming
    gwolff quote The Bare Back Saloon is a top quality adult entertainment club. The owner/manager is knowledgeable about this type of business and is attentive to her customers. The bar staff, security staff and DJs are some of the best I have seen over many years working in and visiting clubs like Bare Back. Prices are reasonable. The decor and environment are prime examples of Wyoming culture. The bartenders are knowledgeable, attentive and always provide excellent service. The main stage is very well situated to allow for patrons to both observe and engage with the dancers. The VIP room and the champagne room for private dances are top quality with comfortable furnishings and appropriate lighting and privacy. Security monitors the rooms routinely. The dancers at this club are outstanding. They are attentive to customers without being pushy. They are friendly, very pretty and know how to entertain. As with all clubs, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. On average, the ladies are 9+- yes, there are some 8s but there are also many 10s.
    on March 6, 2022


    488 Midsummer Boulevard Central Milton Keynes MK92EA
    Pjxr2 quote Excellent venue for some adult entertainment, my wife and I really enjoyed the atmosphere and the dancers were good. Can be very quiet mid week so if you want lots of attention then Wednesday is your time to visit. Bar staff are quick and tend to remember your drink order. Would recommend the games room for a group so you can play pool and still see the girls.
    on February 3, 2022
  •  1 Alameda Strip Club

    Alameda Strip Club

    4209 S Alameda St 90058 Los Angeles, California
    djgreenlotus quote Got a Vip Booth with my compas for only $300. Two dancers came and danced on our table while we through them money and drank Grey Goose with mixers! Super awesome night ill definitely be back. Best Strip Club in LA
    on January 27, 2022

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Guide and advice to the best Strip Clubs in Ireland.

Strip Clubs in Ireland is a bit different from the other clubs in the UK, the layout and style is the same

The working system in the strip clubs in Ireland is more a mixture of the system in England and other European countries. The girls often gets a fixed salary and also commission from champagne and dances. There is not such a high number of dancers in the clubs and you will mostly only find foreign strippers working in Ireland. If you are going here as a dancer you need to arrange your own accommodation in most of the clubs. In Ireland you will find most of the Lapdancing clubs in Dublin and some in Cork and Galway. Another difference from the other UK Countries is that Ireland has Euro instead of pounds as the currency, the economy has also been good in Ireland the last years, so its been a popular destination to work for dancers.

Strip clubs in Ireland number relatively few and most are located in the capital city of Dublin. The Irish are known for being the life and the soul of the party, so many people flock to this city to enjoy the 'craic' as it is affectionately known. Dublin is full of tourist and locals alike, looking to let loose and have a good time. It is also a very popular stag party destination closer to home for the Brits.

There are a relatively small number of strip clubs in Ireland. This is due to the fact the Catholic church still has huge sway over the legal system. It is very conservative in many respects. Clubs and dancers are in limited supply, so this does mean that there is a lot of traffic through the strip clubs in Ireland relative to dancer and club numbers. Especially from the large number of visitors that travel here every year.

Dances start at around €30 and it is very normal to do a lot of smaller dances, similar to the UK system.

Lap dances are more popular in strip clubs in Ireland. Clubs will offer Champagne commissions and VIP sit down prices as well. Extra services are not provided within clubs as soliciting is illegal. Pole shows are on rotation through the night and feature shows are virtually non-existent. Clubs tend to offer dancers a fixed salary and around 50% commission to dancers. As a result, they keep dancer numbers fairly low. Strip clubs in Ireland have a system that embraces the European style of strip clubs with fixed salaries and higher commission. However, the working environment is very similar to UK style strip clubs. This makes strip clubs in Ireland a little different to other countries. Dancers in Irish clubs tend to come from other parts of Europe, especially the East. Many people in the country have had very limited contact with the industry. Therefore, attitudes to dancing throughout Ireland mean there is still a stigma attached. This is especially true outside of Dublin, a more cosmopolitan city. Local girls can be deterred, as a result, from getting involved in the job. That is not to say you will not find Irish dancers when you visit a strip club in Ireland, but a significant proportion will be from overseas.

Locations of strip clubs in Ireland

Dublin has a large number of head offices and business travellers. It is also a very popular stag party and tourist destination. Strip clubs in Ireland are mainly located here, such as Club Lapello, Angels and The Barclay Club. Galway has Le Paradise, Cork has The Great Escape and Secrets and there is a club in Waterford.

Information about Ireland

In 2015, Ireland only had a relatively small population of 4.6 million people (source). Although very small compared to a lot of other European countries, the very small number of strip clubs means there is quite a low ratio of strip clubs in Ireland to people. There were over 8 million visitors to Ireland the same year so there is a huge amount of passing traffic, with a huge increase of airline carriers servicing the country to keep up with demand (source). A very high proportion of these visitors will be stag parties. It is a very popular destination for this with it's abundance of breweries and lively nightlife. Famous drinking attractions such as 'Temple Bar' and the Guiness brewery set the tone for many trips to the country. This means there are a lot of potential clients regularly about to keep the strip clubs busy!

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