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  • Armony

    Via Argine Diversivo, 226 Montemerlo di Bondeno
    Here you are in a restaurant, but this is not a restaurant as many and even the menu it is…
  • Blue Eyes

    Via De Andreis 13 Milano 20137
    In June of 2000 the local Blue Eyes Night Club was created for the escape from everyday life. After a…
  • Blue Night Strip Bar

    Via S. Getullo, 92, 00131 Roma
    Blue Night Strip Club in Rome. BLUE NIGHT an associated ASSOSEX club where members can spend some great evenings show…
  • Bulli & Pupe One

    Via Fornace 6. Castelvetro Piacentino Piacenza
    Your nights hot Bulli & Dolls Brescia are breathtaking performances and Table Lap dance , striptease and whole live show…
  • Cica Cica Boom

    Via Liguria, 38, 00187 Roma
    Cica Cica Boom Rome’s Strip Club is a well known venue located in Via Liguria 38. The club is next…
  • Club Paradise

    Via Lanciano, 56 (Zona: Rebibbia) 00156 – Roma (RM)
    Club Paradise Strip Club in Rome, Discretion, elegance and imagination ... For your transgressive nights! Are you all ready for…
  • Club Paradise Roma

    Via Lanciano 56, 00156 – Roma Italy
    WELCOME to CLUB PARADISE IN ROMA Discretion, elegance and imagination ... For your transgressive nights ! Are you all ready…

    via adamello 4, 37069 Villafranca di Verona
    Adult entertainment Club in Villafranca di Verona
  • Excelsior Sexy Disco

    Via Pistoiese, n° 185 S.Donnino - Campi Bisenzio
    [vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] Excelsior Sexy Disco in Firenze, Italy The Night Club is open from Tuesday to Sunday throughout the year ,…
  • Exotica

    via nino bonnet 11/a Milan, Italy
    Adult entertainment Club in Milan, Italy
  • Extasia Disco Topless

    Il salotto del nudo si trova nel centro di Milano, Largo Augusto al n 7
    Extasia discotopless. Extasia is a Milan historic place that since 1997 offers Milanese and all those who want to have…
  • Foca Loca

    Via Baracchini 11 20123 – Milano
    The Foca Loca Club of Milan offers the ideal combination of Night Club and Striptease, a meeting of the new…
  • Miami Sexy Disco

    Via Cannegge snc 60031 Castelplanio(AN) Italy
    Welcome to Miamisexydisco. The Miamisexydisco awaits you from Wednesday to Saturday, offering a welcoming environment pole dance , striptease and…
  • Monella Lap Dance

    S.S. Piacenza - Torino S. Nicolo 29010 Rottofreno
    Monella lap dance. The strip club has been designed to give high visibility to the stage where they performed the…
  • New Carrozzeria Club

    Via Rosolino Pilo, 10, 20129 Milano
    Our experienced Staff will always work for customer satisfaction. this is our mission and we are now assured of being…
  • Pepenero Milano

    Via Gallarate 224 milano
    The Pepenero Milan is a Sexy Bar , popular as a disco but reserved as a club lacking . Similar…
  • Pepenero Night Club Sexy Disco

    Viale Sardegna, 30 Riccione
    The Pepenero in Riccione is the most famous of Italy sexy local. For years located on the seafront, today it…

    Welcome to the New Pinocchio. In the splendid setting of the Langhe, in the city of Alba, it is this…
  • Piper Night Club

    Provinciale, 31 Verzuolo
    Since 1972 , the Night Club Piper , with its nightly entertainment experience , and ' the place where you…
  • Pipistrello Club

    Via Emilia, 27, 00187 Roma RM
    Pipistrello Rome’s Strip Club is a famous adult venue near Vittorio Veneto street (Via Emilia 27). Every guest is welcomed…
  • Poppea Club Strip Club

    Via Capo d'Africa 21/A - 00184 Roma
    Poppea Strip Club in Rome started On 18 April 2013, in the heart of Rome, just a few meters from…
  • Pupa Club

    Corso Buenos Aires, 33 Milano MI 20124
    [vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]In downtown Milan, in 2015, and 'born Pupa Club! Sexy Girls, Lap Dance, Sexy Disco Sexy Bar, Striptease, Nude Show,…
  • Riche Monde Cabaret

    Via Gambalunga, 93 - 47900 Rimini
    EVERY EVENING SEXY SHOW OPENING HOURS 22 Every night at 1 o'clock show streep tease and show arotic (Closed Sunday)…
  • Rose My Club

    Via Chiatamone 21/22 - 80121 - 80121 Napoli
    An Elegant and refined place ,warm and welcoming atmosphere ,Rose my club is a favorite destination for those who want…
  • Samara Vip

    Samara Via Giovanni Camerana, 11, 10128 Torino
    Dance club & nightclub in Turin, Italy

    Via dell'energia 72015 Fasano BR Italy
    Music and cocktails make SHOWGIRLS FASANO the place where you can chat and enjoy the shows of our sexy girls.
  • Striptease

    via Padova, 272 Milano
    It was the year 1997 when , in conjunction with the release of an eponymous hit movie , played by…

27 places in "Italy"

Guide and advice to Strip Clubs in Italy.

Many of the Strip Clubs in Italy have a good focus on the stage shows and the also often book in Italian Porn Stars as featured entertainers, or sexy stars as they call them in Italy.

Same style as they do in America. The Gentlemen clubs in Italy are also based on commission from Champagne and table dances. Doing private shows is also an important part of the concept here and Italian men expects a lot in the private rooms, so dancers wanting to work here, should be aware off this. The dancers are expected to do a more sexual private show in Italy, compared to other European Gentlemens Clubs. You will find the most Strip Clubs in Milano, but there are also Lapdancing Clubs or sexy disco`s in several other Italian citys, like Palermo and Roma. There are also Italian TV shows broadcasted from some of the clubs.

Italy is renowned for beauty and sex appeal. Therefore, this attitude to life means that there are many strip clubs in Italy to choose from. Italy is not a huge stag party destination. It attracts more families and couples. As a result most of the clientele in strip clubs in Italy tend to be locals. There are, however, a number of military bases located here. For example, on the island of Sicily, there can be high concentrations of foreign military frequenting the clubs because of a NATO base on the island.

Lapdancing clubs in Italy run on the 'Champagne system'. There is the expectation for customers to buy the ladies drinks and bottles as well as buying private shows. There is one big difference between Italy and many other European cities that work on the Champagne system. This is the focus on feature performers and showgirls. It is a system that occurs a lot in countries such as the US, Australia and Canada but very rarely in Europe.

The showgirls, generally, already have a profile (often in the porn industry) and a lot of the club marketing will revolve around who is appearing next.

Consequently, there are Italian agencies that will bring high profile performers from overseas to appear in Italian clubs. Club dancers will need knowledge of the Italian language in order to work in most places in Italy. Otherwise, they will struggle. Prostitution is legal in Italy and often rife in the clubs. Even if there is no prostitution, per se, private shows in Italy can get a bit full on and there is the expectation from clients. As a result, dancing in Italy should be approached with this knowledge. As the strip clubs in Italy are a little more extreme, there is a negative attitude to dancers. Religion has a huge impact in this country. A common thought process is, there is no differentiation between striptease and prostitution. This is likely to do with the fact that the lines can blur a lot in strip clubs in Italy.

Locations of strip clubs in Italy

Strip clubs in Italy are very diversely spread across the country. The city with the highest concentration is, surprisingly, not Rome, the capital. It is, in fact, Milan, in the very north of the country close to the Swiss border. It is Italy's second biggest city with half of Rome's population at 1.3 million people. That, and slightly smaller tourist numbers than the capital, however, doesn't stop Milan being the hub of the striptease industry in Italy.

Roma has:-

Milan has:-

Finally, elsewhere in Italy:-

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