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    Kavetta Street St Pauls Bay, malta
    One of the first adult clubs to be opened in Malta, AO Club is situated in a discreet location in…

    ElJa Zammit Street Paceville, Malta
  • Burlesque Gentlemens Club

    Triq Il-wilga San Giljan MALTA
    Situated right in the heart of Paceville, occupying the top floor on one corner of the central Piazza, Burlesque is…
  • Darlings Club Malta

    Dragonara Road Malta
    Looking for a different way of going out? Feeling adventurous and up for a challenge? Want to be entertained and…
  • Deja Vu Malta

    St. George's Road Paceville MALTA
    Deja Vue is the leading Malta Gentlemens Club, offering the best Adult Entertainment in a most wonderful atmosphere. Situated in…
  • Diamond Dolls

    St.Rita Steps Paceville, Malta
    Diamond Dolls Gentlemen's Club in Malta
  • GC Club Malta

    St George's Road, Paceville Malta
    If you’re looking for a different place than the usual hang-outs, if you feel adventurous and and want to be…
  • Private

    Triq Elija Zammit, Paceville
    Newly refurbished club under new management for a night you will not forget in the heart of Paceville nightlife.
  • Stiletto Malta

    St. George’s Road, Paceville
    Welcome to Stiletto Gentlemen’s Club By far the largest and most exciting Gentleman’s Club on the island, our main feature…
  • White Palace Malta

    St. George’s Road, Paceville
    Dedicated to offering top class entertainment in a prestigious and royal ambiance, The White Palaces’ decor lives up to its…

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Guide and advice to the best strip clubs  in Malta.

In Malta you will find a high number of Strip Clubs compared to the number of population, so striptease is defiantly a popular thing here.

The strip clubs in Malta offer a high standard with stage shows and also dancing on the bar and even a piano in one of the clubs. Malta is a well known holiday destination for those looking for sun rather than a stag and hen party destination. The Gentlemen Clubs in Malta has a Champagne commission based system, where you can buy champagne and have company with one of the dancers. You can also buy private shows or a table dance. In the clubs in Malta you will find dancers from all over Europe, the strip clubs in Malta is popular for dancers to work. The earnings can be good and the dancers get a warm holiday at the same time as they are working here.

Strip clubs in Malta run on the 'Champagne system' and get a broad range of clientele. Malta is a group of islands in the Mediterranean. There is a large number of expats from Britain, as well as many other countries and tourists continuously passing through. There is a lot of scope for fresh clientele as well as regulars. In line with this, there are many strip clubs and a lot of options for both customers and dancers.

A lap dance in Malta generally starts at around €40 for a topless dance and €70 for a fully nude show. Dancers also make commissions on drinks. Stage shows are on rotation throughout the night and show dollars are not standard. Most strip clubs in Malta will have the dancers out on the street to entice customers in. As a result, it is very obvious where the strip clubs are and dancers must be ok with being more public as they will not always be hidden in the club. You will find dancers from many European countries working in Malta, attracted by the beaches and great weather. Most clubs offer a fixed salary so there are guarantees on girls having a basic standard of living whilst there. Most clubs also offer accommodation making this a very attractive draw for dancers. This is a requirement for the clubs, as, with such a small local population, home grown talent is limited. Only English is required to work as this language is spoken well by the locals and a common language amongst visitors.

Locations of strip clubs in Malta

Most of the strip clubs in Malta are located in Paceville. This is a district of clubs, bars and strip clubs in the west of St. Julians, a party town just north of the capital of Malta, Valetta. These clubs include:- St. Julian's also has 2 strip clubs outside of Paceville. This includes Burlesque and Steam Club.

Information about Malta

Malta is an archipelago of islands in the Mediterranean islands, 80km from the south coast of Italy. With a population of 450,000, it is one of the world's smallest and most densely populated countries. Valetta, is the smallest capital in the European Union, due to it's size, covering just 0.8km. Malta was previously part of the British Commonwealth, therefore the official languages are Maltese and English. It gained independence in 1974.  Malta consists of seven islets, with the largest being Malta, the second, Gozo and, the third, Comino, which has just one luxury resort. Furthermore, the final four are uninhabited. Malta is a beautiful location and the locals have a reputation for being accommodating and helpful. However, with 90% of the islands, Catholics, strip clubs can be a little controversial. There are many of them there, but out of respect for the locals, discretion is advised.

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