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  • Lipstixx Experience

    1105 Arlington St Winnipeg, Manitoba R3E 3L1
    Lipstixx Experience: Winnipeg Stripper Bar & Night Club
  • Solid Gold

    216 Notre Dame Ave Winnipeg, Manitoba
    Solid Gold Strip Club in Winnipeg Solid Gold Winnipeg is an exclusive downtown club where you can relax and unwind…
  • Teasers Burlesque Palace

    611 Archibald St, Winnipeg, MB R2J 0X8, Canada
    Teasers Burlesque Palace Winnipeg, Manitoba

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Strip clubs in Winnipeg

Strip clubs in Winnipeg run a commission system in line with the rest of North America, the 'lap dance system'. Gentlemen's clubs do not pay dancers drinks commission, nor do they give them salaries. The job is 100% commission based. The dancer will secure as many private shows and tips as possible and then pay the club in one of three ways.

They can pay in the form of tip-outs, whereby, she gives a set tip to various staff members such as the DJ, security or house mum. An alternative could be paying a set house fee to the club direct. Finally, the last option can be giving a percentage on all money earned. Policies vary club to club and some dancers have a preference for a certain style. Consequently, strippers focus on selling a private show at the first opportunity because any time spent on the main floor is for free.

Winnipeg is the capital of the Canadian province of Manitoba. It is near the longitudinal centre of North America and is in prairie country. 705,000 people live in the city with 811,000 living in the metropolitan area. Just 110km from the US border, Winnipeg is a rail and transportation hub.

It is a multicultural city and hosts festivals all year round. In 2010 it was voted the Canadian Capital of Culture. It is also home to a number of well known sports teams. Winnipeg has an extremely diverse economy. It incorporates trade, manufacturing, education and social and healthcare. Winnipeg is fortunate to have experienced a decrease in unemployment levels in the last few years, unlike the rest of Canada.

The Royal Canadian Mint calls Winnipeg home and has been producing the coins of Canada, as long as some other countries, since 1976.

Winnipeg is the most expensive city in Western Canada to do business, however, it does have a relatively low cost of living. Strip clubs in Winnipeg have many avenues in order to find clientele.

Stage shows in strip clubs in Winnipeg

Strip clubs in Winnipeg fly in a rotation of feature dancers. These girls provide a higher level of entertainment on the stage. Club dancers will dance on rotation throughout the night, however, it is the showgirls the lap dancing clubs promote and market. These dancers will do 15-20 minute themed performances with props, unique performance techniques and elaborate costumes. They are paid on a show-by-show basis and do not universally do private lap dances.

Legalities of lap dancing clubs in Winnipeg

Strip clubs in Winnipeg do not allow any prostitution in the venues. This jeopardises their licensing as buying sex is prohibited on a federal level, rendering brothels illegal.

Strip dances in Winnipeg are distance dances. The stripper is on a stage in the private room and there is strictly no contact whatsoever.

Many girls fly in to work but they come from other parts of the country and not internationally. This is due to visa restrictions in place that prohibit girls on short stay visas to engage in sex work, which includes stripping. The authorities put this in place in a bid to reduce the number of sex trafficking cases.

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