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  • Ikandi

    313-315 Maunganui Road Mount Maunganui
    Ikandi Strip Club in Maunganui, New Zealand. We offer a variety of tantalizing dancing shows.. Beautiful ladies to take care of…

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Guide and advice to the best Strip Clubs in Maunganui.

Mount Maunganui is a major industrial, residential and commercial suburb in the city of Tauranga, New Zealand. The city used to be considered a separate town until the building of the Tauranga Harbour Bridge in 1988, which connected it to the city. There is debate amongst residents whether Maunganui is still a separate town or part of Tauranga. Mount Maunganui is a coastal resort town with a popular and well known surf beach. Maunganui is a historical area with a rich history. It is an area that has many thriving businesses and tourists passing through regularly, bringing cash into the town, despite it's relatively small population of just over 20,000. Nearby Tauranga's population of around 137,000 helps boost the local numbers that can visit gentlemen clubs in Maunganui all year round.

Strip clubs in Maunganui work in line with the system used in the rest of New Zealand gentlemen's club. The 'lap dance system' is where dancers pay a set fee or percentage of earnings to the club. Venues offer no commission on drinks, so dancers mainly earn from selling private dances. Clubs and dancers encourage clients to tip the stage shows. Clients and dancers expect touching in gentlemen clubs in Maunganui. Some, but not all, clubs in New Zealand operate on a bond system. A deposit is paid to the club which is refunded on completion of the agreed contract. Breaking of contract can result in forfeit on the bond. Reputable agencies offer contracts that negate this fee.

Rules in the strip clubs in Maunganui

Prostitution is legal in New Zealand. This includes sex work, brothel keeping, profiting off another person engaging in prostitution and street solicitation. Therefore, brothels operate quite openly. Some clubs do allow extras so research beforehand is recommended for those wishing to work or visit. Gentlemen clubs in Maunganui may offer Jacuzzi dances. Customers can enjoy a spa fully nude with a dancer of their choice. This is not to everyone's taste so, again, looking the venue up beforehand is helpful.

Dancers in gentlemen clubs in Maunganui

Exotic dancers in gentlemen clubs in Maunganui come from many different countries and ethnicities. There is an indigenous population of 600,000. The second largest ethnic group to the European New Zealanders that are the descendants of the settlers. The two have mixed over the years to create a diverse population. There are many European and Indigenous dancers in gentlemens clubs throughout New Zealand. The country is a very popular backpacking destination that offers a working holiday visa for citizens of select countries aged between 18-30. Engaging in sex work on the NZ working holiday visa program is illegal. Stripping is a grey area and believed to come under the sex industry. Therefore, dancers are at risk of deportation for violation of visa terms. However, authorities turn a blind eye and you will find many travellers working in the lap dancing clubs from countries such as UK, Germany, France and Spain. There are many Australian dancers in gentlemen clubs in Maunganui because of a reciprocal arrangement between the two countries that allow full living and work rights to citizens.

Strip clubs in Maunganui

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