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  •  Penthouse Gentlemens Club Detroit

    20771 W 8 Mile Rd Detroit, Michigan
     Penthouse Gentlemens Club in Detroit The Premier Detroit venue where you, your friends and business associates can relax in comfort,…
  • Ace of Spades Detroit

    19245 W 8 Mile Rd, Detroit, MI 48219, USA
    Ace of Spades Gentlemens club in Detroit
  • Bouzouki Greektown

    432 E LAFAYETTE ST Detroit, Michigan
    Bouzouki Greektown Detroit's first premier Gentleman's Lounge!

    14417 Michigan Avenue Dearborn, Michigan
    BT'S STRIP CLUB IN DEARBORN BT’S Executive Clubs operates two high-end adult entertainment clubs in Detroit and Dearborn, Michigan.Both of…

    12210 E. 8 Mile Rd. Detroit, Michigan
    BT'S STRIP CLUB IN DETROIT BT’S Executive Clubs operates two high-end adult entertainment clubs in Detroit and Dearborn, Michigan. Both…
  • Coliseum Detroit

    11300 8 Mile Rd Detroit, MI 48205
    Coliseum Gentlemens Club Detroit The Coliseum is an adult entertainment establishment which caters to upscale gentlemen. Enjoy being accompanied by…
  • Deja Vu Showgirls Flint

    2402 S Dort Hwy 48507 Flint, Michigan
    Deja Vu Showgirls Strip Club in Flint One of the more exciting counterpart’s of the Déjà Vu show club chain…
  • Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club Detroit

    980 John A Papalas Dr Lincoln Park, Michigan
    Larry Flynt's Hustler Club Detroit Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club® is at the apex of the world’s finest adult entertainment. With…
  • Legends Detroit

    415 E Congress St Detroit, Michigan
    Legends Gentlemens club in Detroit Michigan’s largest & most anticipated gentlemen’s club with 3 floors, mezzanine seating, 30 foot LED…
  • Little Darlings Flint

    2341 S Dort Hwy Flint, Michigan
    Little Darlings Strip Club in Flint Just off 2341 South Dort Hwy in Flint Mi you will find one of…
  • Players Detroit

    13710 East 8 Mile Rd 48205 Detroit, Michigan
    Players Strip Club in Detroit Player’s offers an unforgettable experience each and every visit. From the moment you arrive you…
  • The Silver Criket

    25231 Michigan Ave Dearborn, Michigan
    The Silver Criket Gentlemens Club in Dearborn Family owned for over 35 years. The Silver Criket provides a relaxed club…


  •  1 Augies Cabaret

    Augies Cabaret

    424 Hennepin Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55401, USA
    Njtty quote This place is a lot of fun. It'd be great if they'd change the hours back to opening at 5pm.I loved working and hanging out here.
    on September 5, 2021
  •  1 Red Dog Saloon Okc

    Red Dog Saloon Okc

    6417 NW 10th St Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
    on September 17, 2020
  •  1 Night Trips OKC

    Night Trips OKC

    220 S Vermont Ave Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
    Fuck0ff quote Walked in lost 250 within an hour.i paid because im a nice guy and didnt want a problem. 2 spanish girls suckered me. 10 to cover. 40 to drinks THEY ORDERED. 100 A PIECE FOR 2 DANCES. THEY SWORE IT WAS 4 BUT THEY ONLY ASKED IF I WANTED TO CONTINUE ONCE. ORIGINAL DANCE WAS QUOTED 2 GIRLS 25$ DO NOT GO THERE. AND NEVER EVER TALK OR GET A LAPDANCE FROM ANYONE WHO DOESNT SPEAK ENGLISH!!!!
    on September 17, 2020
  •  1 Browns Shoreditch

    Browns Shoreditch

    Browns, 1 Hackney Road, London, E2 7NX
    Josh55 quote A decent club, but I didn't find it to be as warm and inviting as some other strip clubs. The opening hours could extend later too. If you're in the area, its okay, but otherwise, I wouldn't make a special journey. Maybe checkout Stringfellows, which is open a lot later. But if you do head over to strings, arriving early as they usually have a happy hour, specials are sometimes posted on
    on June 6, 2020

12 places in "Michigan"

Guide and advice to the best Strip Clubs In Michigan.

Being the tenth largest state in terms of population with just under 10 million residents and eleventh in size. It’s no surprise that “The Great Lakes State” of Michigan. Is home to an abundance of strip clubs. With over seventy clubs calling the state home. Located in the north central region of the contiguous United States. Michigan is known mainly for its contributions to the automotive industry. With all of the Big Three automobile manufacturers. General Motors, Ford and Fiat Chrysler, calling the city of Detroit home. Comprised of two peninsulas and bordering four of the Great Lakes. The state is also known for its heavily forested areas. The state is one of the few states with a city that is home to teams from all four major sports.: Baseball’s Detroit Tigers, football’s Detroit Lions. Hockey’s Detroit Red Wings and basketball’s Detroit Pistons.

Locations of strip clubs in Michigan.

The largest city and largest metropolitan area, Detroit is home to twenty three of the states seventy plus clubs. Ranging from major chain clubs to local neighbourhood bars scattered throughout the city. Penthouse Club Detroit is an upscale two-story club that serves daily food specials. As well as other luxury amenities such as champagne, cigars and bottle service.

Another club that specialises in upscale dining in a luxury atmosphere is Coliseum. Located on 8 Mile Road and featuring themed parties such as male reviews and celebrity look alike costume parties. Other notable clubs in the area include Bouzouki, Players, urban (mostly African-American dancer). Club Ace of Spades and Legends.

The suburbs surrounding Detroit are home to other noteworthy clubs such as the mega chain Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club in Lincoln Park. Which features adult performer appearances. UFC fight broadcasts and other special events, as well as Silver Criket and BT’s in Dearborn. Flint is home to the second largest density of clubs in the state. With eight including major chain clubs Déjà Vu and its sister club Little Darlings.

Atmosphere, laws and prices in strip clubs in Michigan.

Prices vary greatly between Strip clubs in Michigan, with per-song couches ranging from $10 to $25. Well within the industry average of $20 per song. Nighttime cover charges also vary from free to the industry average of $10 per person.

Many of the high-end clubs will offer free admission through printable tickets on their websites. As in most states, the state offers an abundance of topless clubs with a few fully nude and bikini bars as well.

Unlike many states, however, fully nude Strip clubs in Michigan do offer alcohol. Although this may not be the case in all municipalities, so check a club’s website for amenities before you go. Prostitution is illegal in Strip clubs in Michigan, as it is within the rest of the country. With the exception of a select number of counties in the state of Nevada.

Attitudes to strip clubs in Michigan.

Detroit has the highest murder and violent crime rate in the country. So it’s no surprise that crime does find its way into the strip club scene as well. With shootings occurring both inside and outside clubs. Not all of the news is negative. However, as one club has gained some good press by providing residents in Flint with bottled water during last year’s drinking water crisis. Surprisingly, there are very little efforts by politicians to shut down the state’s clubs.

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