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  • Bananen Bar & Club

    Oudezijds Achterburgwal 37, Amsterdam
    The Bananen Bar In the centre of the Red Light District you will find the most fun and surprising bar…
  • Club OQ

    s-Gravendijkwal 115 - 3021 EJ Rotterdam
    Club OQ is unique. A fun and exclusive nightclub, right in the middle of Rotterdam’s bustling city centre. A city…
  • De Nacht Tilburg

    Heuvel 47a Tilburg, Netherlands
    Night is the only real nightclub Tilburg and every Thursday, Friday and Saturday open from 22.00 to 6.00. During the…
  • Hospital Bar

    Oudezijds Achterburgwal 97 Amsterdam
    Hospital Bar in Amsterdam – A lap dance a day, keeps the doctor away! The Bar kinda new in town.…
  • La Vie Deux

    Thorbeckeplein 22 1017 CS Amsterdam
    La Vie Deux is the chic little sister of La Vie en Proost in the red light district of Amsterdam.…
  • La Vie en Proost

    Bethlehemsteeg 23 1076XP Amsterdam
    La Vie En Proost is a Famous Strip Club in Amsterdams red light district.
  • Lido Night Club Rotterdam

    Lido Nightclub 's-Gravendijkwal 124 3014EL Rotterdam.
    The coziest nightclub Netherlands! Lido Night Club is located in the bustling center of Rotterdam. We welcome you with a…
  • Mayfair Club

    Bilderdijkstraat 108, Den Haag
    The Mayfair is an icon in The Hague. The best stripclub and gentleman club you can possibly encounter. Come over…
  • Moulin Rouge Amsterdam

    Oudezijds achterburgwal 5-7 | 1012 DA Amsterdam
    For those who really want to experience something special and make a good start to the evening, paying a visit…

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Guide and advice to the best Strip Clubs in Netherlands.

Strip clubs in Netherlands are known for having very erotic and sexual stage shows, since prostitution is legal in Netherlands you will not find that many clubs that are based on Striptease only.

On this page you will find those that are still classed as Strip Clubs. The clubs are based on a commission based system and also stage tip. The dancers get commission from selling champagne and private shows, there are dancers from all over the world working in the Strip Clubs in Netherland. You will find Strip clubs in Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Hage and Tilburg. Netherlands and especially Amsterdam is well known for its party nightlife, red light district and coffee shops. For these reasons its a very popular party destination for all occasions. For these reasons the clubs can be quit busy at night time, some of the clubs also keep open in the daytime, but then its more quiet.

Strip clubs in The Netherlands are definitely not for the faint of heart. The capital city of Amsterdam is one of those most visited cities in Europe. The second largest city of Rotterdam is a major port city and The Hague is the governmental seat of Holland. Consequently, there are numerous cities that have large numbers of visitors and the appropriate type of locals. Each city has a varying demographic related to what it is known for.

Girls working in strip clubs in The Netherlands need to be have very open boundaries in order to do well here. The clubs work on the 'Champagne system' and make commission from drinks and bottles. The private shows can get very full on and explicit because buying sex is so freely available and quite openly executed. The clubs will have full nude girls on stage and these shows can range from pole dancing to shows with sex toys and explicit props. Some of the clubs, especially in Amsterdam, have a real party atmosphere. You can walk into a club and find the girls dancing on the bars and making the place extremely lively! The Netherlands has the highest English-proficiency in the world. This, combined with the large tourism number means that speaking English in the clubs is sufficient.

Legalities of strip clubs in The Netherlands

Prostitution is legal in The Netherlands. In fact it is a draw for tourists. Amsterdam which is world renowned for it's red light district, known as 'De Wallen', so this is especially true here. Walking down the street, you will see girls in windows all trying to tempt customers into their parlours for business. As a result, strip clubs in Amsterdam tend to allow a lot of things to go on in the private rooms and it is a lot rarer to find just purely strip tease. Otherwise, they cannot compete with the parlours. Touching is standard. Customers and dancers need to be aware and take care when finding a venue if this is not what you are looking for. Strip clubs in Amsterdam have girls from all over Europe. The local currency is the Euro and the cost of living is in line with most of the Western countries.

Locations of strip clubs in Amsterdam

Amsterdam, being the capital and largest city has a number of strip clubs including:-

Information about Amsterdam

The Netherlands has a population of 17 million people . It has a border with Germany and Belgium on land and shares maritime borders with Belgium, the UK and Germany. The Dutch are a very easy-going and liberal nation, known the world over. Recreational drug use is accepted, gay marriage is legal and, as mentioned, prostitution is regulated and openly engaged in. Therefore, the Dutch they have little concern with girls that dance striptease, or the guys that go to see them. The Dutch also love a good party making strip clubs in The Netherlands a relaxed, open draw.

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