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  • Harleys Hardrock Saloon

    5014-50 avenue Yellowknife, Northwest Territories
    Harleys Hardrock Saloon Strip Club in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories Offering Happy Hour Pricing from 11:30am until 8pm, nightly entertainment beginning…

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Guide and advice to the best Strip clubs in Yellowknife.

Strip clubs in Yellowknife work on the 'lap dance system'. Dancers give up a cut of their nightly earnings in exchange for a safe, promoted environment. Yellowknife strip clubs open from 4pm in order to catch the many itinerant workers coming off a day's shift.

Due to the remoteness of the location, girls travel in from cities such as Vancouver, Edmonton, Winnipeg and much more for two week contracts. Flying here is not cheap, so, clubs offer longer contracts in order to make the journey viable. Lap dancing clubs in Yellowknife have a reputation for being great earners so there are many girls willing to make the trip.

Stage shows in gentlemen's clubs in Yellowknife

Strip clubs in Yellowknife also fly showgirls in to perform. Strip venues heavily promote promote upcoming shows and they are, normally, of a higher standard than the club dancer's pole shows. Showgirls perform for 15-20 minutes. They have flamboyant costumes, props and tricks to add to the production value. Club dancers will go on the stage and hustle for tips on rotation between the feature shows. They and the club expect clients to oblige is they are watching the stage.

Yellowknife is the most populous and only city in the Northwest Territories in Canada. It became the capital in 1967. Yellowknife is on the northern shore of the Great Slav Lake, 400km south of the Arctic circle. The Northwest Territories have eleven languages spoken. Five of these languages are spoken in Yellowknife including English and French.

Yellowknife is the centre for economic activity in the territory. Originally the hub for the gold mining in the area, when this went into decline, so did the city. It has, recently, had a resurgence due to diamond deposits being found in the locality. Canada is third in the world in diamond production and most of this comes from the Northwest Territories, with Yellowknife being at the centre of the mining, manufacture and industry. Natural gas production is also expanding at an increasing rate. Yellowknife is also a hub for communication, education, government and commerce for the region. Strip clubs in Yellowknife are some of the most remote in Canada but, as a result of this, there is no shortage of itinerate workers away on contracts to fill the venues. The lap dancing clubs are rough and ready in reflection of the blue collar clientele.

Legalities of strip clubs in Yellowknife

Canada has made brothels illegal as buying sex is federally prohibited.  Therefore, prostitution inside the lap dancing bars but the license at risk. The strip clubs in Yellowknife are under licensing law, whereby, they cannot permit contact in a lap dance.

Strippers in Canada are often locals or permanent residents.

Many of the more remote clubs use agencies to recruit on their behalf and these always require the correct paperwork. In a bid to minimise the incidence of sex trafficking, very strict stipulations were added to temporary visas, whereby, those on them could not engage in any sex work. As a result, the number of international strippers decreased dramatically. Find strip clubs in the Northwest Territories here