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    Guide and advice to the best Strip clubs in Halifax.

    Strip clubs in Halifax have a similar commission system to many clubs in Canada and North America. The 'lap dance system' means that clubs do not pay the girls a fixed wage. Instead, the dancers make their money from solely lap dance sales and tips. The gentlemen's clubs then make money from this by charging the strippers a house fee, requiring them to give tip-outs or by taking a set percentage from all money earned.

    Strip clubs in Halifax open from the morning and catch many of the blue collar workers throughout the day. They serve food so they can go on their lunch break or for dinner. The day girls normally have less restrictions and expectation on them than night girls, like many clubs in North America.

    Stage shows in strip clubs in Halifax

    Stripper in Halifax lap dancing clubs will go on rotation on the stage throughout the day and night. They expect clients to tip, however, there can be no contact on the stage. Customers can throw money on there and one of the staff collects the bills after each turn. Feature dancers are performers that do special shows. Lap dancing clubs market and promote the showgirls in advance and pay them show by show. Their performances will normally have a more unique element and props are often used. Costumes can be very flamboyant and eye catching. Feature dancers will normally have a presence on social media in order to keep fans and followers.

    Halifax is the capital of the province of Nova Scotia, in Canada. It is officially called the Halifax Regional Municipality. There are over 403,000 people living in the municipality and just under 317,000 in the urbanised area of the Halifax Harbour. Halifax is a major commerce centre in Atlantic Canada with many government services and private sector companies.

    The Department of National Defence is a major employer in the area, as well as two local universities, the Halifax Shipyard, the Port of Halifax and many levels of government. The economy mainly consists of natural resources and mining, natural gas extraction, fishing, forestry and agriculture. These are found in abundance in the rural areas surrounding the city. Halifax has 150 farms in the surrounding area, 110 of which are family owned. Halifax is a very business friendly city with a very high quality of life. As a result, strip clubs in Halifax have many opportunities to gain clientele.

    Legalities of strip clubs in Halifax

    Authorities have very specific federal laws regarding prostitution. The selling of sex is legal, however, buying sex is not. Brothels are, therefore, illegal in Canada so the license terms of the strip clubs stipulate no sex on the premises.

    Strip clubs in Halifax allow no contact on the stage or in private shows.

    The girls are mainly local or travel in from neighbouring provinces. International dancers find it very difficult to get work, unless they are on permanent residency. The government abolished sex work on short term visas, in a bid to combat human sex trafficking. Find strip clubs in Nova Scotia here