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  • Hamilton Strip

    92 Barton St E, Hamilton, ON L8L 2V9, Canada
    Hamilton Strip Club in Hamilton, Ontario
  • Seductions Gentlemens Club

    8862 Lundy's Lane L2H 1H4 Niagara Falls, Ontario
    Seductions Gentlemens Club in Niagara Falls
  • The Play Mate

    175 Montreal Rd Ottawa, ON
    The Play Mate Strip Club in Ottawa, ON Offering the best of both world's... All the comforts of your neighbourhood…

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Guide and advice to the best Strip clubs in Ontario.

Strip clubs in Ontario will charge dancers a set house fee, tip out charges for the staff or a set percentage from their earnings. This is in line with the 'lap dance system'. As the dancer's earning are purely commission based, there is a sense of urgency for patrons to buy private shows and to tip the stage. A lot of clubs are open through the day, as well as nighttime.

Stage shows in strip clubs in Ontario

Stage shows are a major focus for strip clubs in Ontario. Clubs dancers will go on rotation throughout the night, hustling tips and working the crowd. In addition, gentlemen's club in Ontario will have a number of feature performers throughout the night.

These girls will perform 15-20 minute long themed shows that are more elaborate in nature than the club dancers's turns.

Furthermore, some feature performers can draw in decent crowds as many will heavily promote themselves. This is often through social media, glamour publications or via winning competition titles. The clubs themselves will also market the girls which always can increase visibility. Those with the bigger profiles will perform in the premium slots such as midnight on a Saturday, when the club is busiest.

Ontario is a province in the centre of Canada and is the largest by population. 40% of the countries population reside here. It is the location of the federal capital of Ottawa and the most populous city in the country, Toronto. Manitoba is to the west, Quebec to the east and the US states of New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan and Minnesota to the south.

Ontario is often divided into two regions, Southern Ontario and Northern Ontario. The south is where most of the province's population lives and the cities are. It consists of, mainly, arable land. The north experiences harsher winters and has huge swathes of dense forest. Ontario has a very strong economy. 52% of the countries manufacturing occurs here and Toronto is the financial centre of the country. Notable products made here include motor vehicles, iron, steel, paper, food, electrical items and chemicals. IT is also huge in Ontario and Canada's own Silicon Valley is located here. Forestry and pulp and paper manufacture are an integral part of Northern Ontario's economy. This booming economy helps keep the strip clubs in Ontario alive.

Legalities in strip clubs in Ontario

Prostitution is a grey area in Canada, but buying sex is categorically illegal. Therefore, brothels cannot operate above board. Strip clubs in Ontario have to adhere to the terms of their licenses.  It varies club to club, but many will allow heavy contact. therefore, some girls will go to alternative provinces to work, depending on their boundaries.

The strip clubs in Ontario have predominantly local girls working.

This is due to visa restrictions in place that prevent those without residency or citizenship engaging in sex work, a legislation put in place to try and curb human trafficking. Authorities classify stripping as sex work in Canada and this has stopped many girls travelling from overseas to work. Previously this was commonplace.

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