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  • Bar Downtown

    1200 Saint-Catherine St W, Montreal, QC H3B 1K1, Canada
  • Bar Exxxotica

    5169, avenue du parc, Montréal,QC H2V 4G3
    BAR EXXXOTICA Gentlemens Club in Montreal, Quebec Bar Exxxotica is a Montreal strip club that has been delivering high-quality adult…
  • Cabaret Les Amazones

    6820 St Jacques St, Montreal, QC H4B 1V8, Canada
    Cabaret Les Amazones Gentlemens Club in Montreal,l Quebec Open since 1983, Cabaret Les Amazones hosts the sexiest dancers of Montreal…
  • Club Wanda’s

    1310 Maisonneuve West H3G 2P4 Montreal, Quebec
    Club Wanda's Gentlemens Club in Montreal Quebec 40 Years of Unforgettable entertainment . 15 000 square feet will keep your…
  • Le Cabaret Kingdom

    1417, boul. St-Laurent Montreal, Quebec
    CABARET KINGDOM Gentlemens Club in Montreal Welcome to the website of Kingdom. You will find any information about your party,…
  • Stock Bar

    1171 St Catherine St E, Montreal, QC H2L 2G8, Canada
    Stock Bar Gay Strip Club in Montreal, Canada

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Guide and advice to the best Strip clubs in Montreal.

Strip clubs in Montreal offer dancers a place to work and, in return, they pay the club for the services provided. This can be in the form of tip-outs for the staff such as DJ, security and house mum, in the form of a house fee or by paying a set percentage of earnings at the end of the night.

This is in line with the 'lap dance system' used all over North America. No drinks commission is offer and no fixed wage is given to club dancers. Showgirls are paid on a show-by-show basis.

Stage performances in lap dancing clubs in Montreal

Strip clubs in Montreal have club dancers on rotation throughout the night. These girls will dance for tips and work the crowd as well as offer and sell private shows. Additionally, strip clubs in Montreal will also have a roster of feature performers doing shows every night. These girls choreograph their shows, with high quality costumes and imaginative props.

There are competitions and many girls cultivate large followings via social media and through publication features. Lap dancing clubs will promote the showgirls and the showgirls will promote the club they are due to perform in.

Montreal is the most populous city in the Canadian province of Quebec. It is also the second most populous city in Canada, after Toronto. The city itself, has a population of just over 1.7 million people and the metropolitan area has just under 4.1 million. 56% of the city are bi-lingual, with French and English both spoken throughout.

Montreal is the largest French speaking city in the world after Paris. It was the commercial centre of Canada, but Toronto surpassed this in the 1970's. It is still an important city for finance and commerce, aerospace, pharmaceuticals, technology, education, design, culture, media and the arts.

The United Nations also has organisations here. Montreal has the second largest economy in the country and is the home of the Montreal Exchange. Montreal's port in the largest inland port in the world and handles 26 million tonnes of cargo annually and the city is one of the railway hubs of Canada. Montreal has a thriving film industry, video game industry and is where the Canadian Space Agency is. This is just the tip of the iceberg on what Montreal has to offer as a city so strip clubs in Montreal are in a thriving, cosmopolitan place.

Legalities in strip clubs in Montreal

Strip clubs in Montreal allow quite heavy contact, as do clubs throughout the whole of Quebec. Prostitution is illegal throughout Canada and the club license will have terms prohibiting this. Most of the girls working in gentlemen's clubs in Montreal are Canadian born. Only citizens and long term residents can work legally in the striptease industry. This is due to visa regulations put in place to try and combat human trafficking. Those on short term stays cannot engage in any sex work, which stripping is classified under.

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