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    Guide and advice to the best Strip clubs in Gladstone.

    Gladstone is a city in Queensland, 550km north of Brisbane. Queensland's largest multi-commodity shipping port is here. Gladstone has a thriving mining industry around it and the port is the fourth largest coal exporting terminal in the world. 50 million tonnes of coal pass through here annual and it is 70% of the exports. Other major material exported include alumina, aluminium, cement products, ammonium nitrate and sodium cyanide

    It only has a population of 49,248, but the amount of passing maritime traffic, as well as the mining industry, means that strip clubs in Gladstone are never short of clientele. Strip clubs in Gladstone run on the 'lap dance system'. Dancers pay the lap dancing clubs, in either commission or a house fee. Therefore, lap dancers waste little time on the main floor as no drinks commission is offered. The clubs offer feature shows as standard. There are individuals on very high salaries. The industries around the town compensate their workers well. Therefore, Strip clubs in Gladstone has a very good reputation for earning and many girls fly in to take advantage of this. There are relatively few local dancers due to the small size of the city. The strip clubs in Gladstone allow touching. Prostitution is legal but is not allowed under strip club licenses.

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