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    Guide and advice to the best Strip clubs in Townsville.

    Townsville is a town on the north-east coast of Queensland. It has a dry tropical climate. Townsville is adjacent to the central section of the Great Barrier Reef and is the largest urban area north of the Sunshine Coast. There are 180,333 people living there. Townsville is the unofficial capital of Northern Queensland and houses governmental, community and business administrative offices

    There is many Strip clubs in Townsville and a number of popular tourist destinations and beaches. Townsville has a microclimate that means it doesn't see particularly high rainfall in winter. This year round weather means that strip clubs in Townsville appeal to the many visitors that arrive in the city. Strip clubs in Townsville run on the 'lap dance system'. Strippers pay a house fee or commission in order to work. Most of the dancers fly into on temporary contracts and Townsville has a very good reputation for work. Some of the dancers are international girls and backpackers on working holiday visas. The clubs also fly in feature performers, many with high profiles from publications or titles. Finally, Queensland regulates the sex industry and prostitution and strip clubs operate under different licenses. There is no sex, however, there is touching. Furthermore, girls have different boundaries in this regard.

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