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  • Club Eighty Eighty

    Level 1, 54 Shotover Street, Queenstown
    Club Eighty Eighty Strip Club in Queenstown Welcome to Queenstown’s premier adult entertainment venue, located in the heart of the CBD.Where…
  • The Club

    12 Church Street Queenstown 9304
    The Club Strip Club in Queenstown

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Guide and advice to the best Strip Clubs in Queenstown.

Queenstown in in the south-west of New Zealand's South Island. It is small, with a population of under 15,000 people. However, it's status as a resort town means there are large numbers passing through, especially in the winter. The surrounding area has many lakes and mountains and many visit the resort to ski and snowboard and for adventure holidays in the summer. Real estate in the area is the highest in New Zealand and it is the least affordable in whole country, overtaking even Auckland. This is due to lack of land, tourism and the appeal to foreign investors. The average house price in Queenstown is NZ$1 million. This growth has created many jobs and the relative concentration of wealth means that gentlemen clubs in Queenstown have many clients of high net worth to work with.

Lap dancing venues in Queenstown are competitive for spaces in tourist seasons. Especially, the winter ski season. This is because there is notoriously high earnings to be achieved in these periods. The clubs take a percentage or a house fee and work on the 'lap dance system'. Many girls flock to the area to capitalise on the tourism money that floods the town. The clubs do not pay the dancers for drink or dance commission. There is a tipping culture in gentlemen clubs in Queenstown. The girls dance in rotation on the stage throughout the night. This is in line with strip clubs throughout the rest of the country.

Legalities of strip clubs in Queenstown

Clients expect contact in dances in gentlemen clubs in Queenstown. This can go from very mild contact to very full on touching. The federal authorities legalised all forms of prostitution. This is with the exception of coercion, which is an offence. Therefore, there are legal brothels throughout the country. Some strip clubs push things a little and allow a lot to go on in the clubs. However, there are still exclusively lap dancing clubs in operation. Clients and dancers must be aware there is a spectrum in what is allowed, however.

Strippers in lap dancing clubs in Queenstown

Lap dancers in Queenstown come from all corners of the globe due to visa agreements between New Zealand and certain countries. There is less stigma in the country towards the sex industry as a whole. Therefore, there are many Kiwi girls in the clubs. After this, there is also a large number of Australian girls, due to an agreement between them for visa free travel and work. In addition, New Zealand offers working holiday visas to many European countries and others such as Canada, for young people aged 18-31. New Zealand is an extremely popular backpackers destination. Therefore, there are many dancers that are travelling through, funding their travels. There are also many that stop in Australia and New Zealand to make money as they continue through to South East Asia.  As a result, strip clubs in Queenstown have a very high turnover of girls month to month, season to season.

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