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  • Golden Dolls

    Невский пр., 60 191025 Saint Petersburg, Russia
    Golden Dolls opened in May 1998 and became the first erotic club in St. Petersburg ( St. Petersburg striptease club…
  • Rhino Bar

    Saint-Petersburg, Lomonosova Street, 1
    Night strip club Rhino Bar – this is the place where your most hot fantasies will come true. Here the…
  • Zavist Cabaret Bar

    St.Petersburg, Sadovaya ul 11
    Strip bar in Cabaret style. Bar is located in the center of St.Petersburg. Here you can see interesting show-programs and…
  • Zavist Gentleman Bar

    St.Petersburg, Griboedova nab. 17
    Strip bar in the center of St.Petersburg. Here you can try different types of gentlemes’ entertainment: strip,show-programs, karaoke, sport matches,…
  • Zavist Lounge Bar

    St.Petersburg, Vladimirskiy pr, 8
    Convenient Lounge strip bar in the center of St.Peterburg. Relaxing atmosphere, the best girls will give you positive emotions.
  • Zavist Show Bar

    St.Petersburg, Liteiniy pr. 57
    Show bar in the center of Saint Petersburg with interesting performance ana crazy menu
  • Zavist Strip Bar

    St.Petersburg, Konushennaya ul. 29
    Strip club in the center of St.Petersburg. Here every man can feel relaxed and comfortable surrounded by beautiful girls. You…
  • Zavist Topless Bar

    St.Petersburg, Italyanskaya ul, 5
    The first topless strip bar in Saint Petersburg, which every man should visit. Beautiful and sexy girls will give you…

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Guide and advice to the best Strip clubs in St Petersburg.

Strip clubs in St Petersburg run on the champagne system, whereby, dancers sell champagne and drinks as well as dances. Gentlemen's clubs in St Petersburg are impressive affairs and you can find very wealthy Russians enjoying the shows. The clubs go the extra mile for their VIP clientele and some offer extra hospitality services such as limos and table service. Russian women are very beautiful, in fact, famous for it, and most of the dancers are local

Clients and dancers expect touching within the private shows. Prostitution is illegal in Russia but that doesn't discourage high end transactions taking place, sometime within the clubs.St Petersburg is the second largest city in Russia with a population of 5 million people. Located at the gulf of Finland, it is a port city. St Petersburg was the capital of imperial Russia. The city is steeped in history and culture as a result of this. Many international corporations, banks and businesses have offices in St Petersburg. Furthermore, it is known as the most westernised city in Russia. Strip clubs in St Petersburg have a lot to work with.

Strip clubs in St Petersburg work on the 'Champagne system'. The girls push drinks as well as private shows. This is where they make commissions.

Private shows normally start at around €25. However, as mentioned, displays of wealth are not considered vulgar compared to other European countries, so this is just the starter rate. Most customers enjoy spending and being seen to spend a lot more. For example, on Magnums. Gentlemen clubs in St Petersburg standards range from cheap and cheerful to VIP and very high end. The high end clubs hold nothing back and some of the lap dancing clubs are truly spectacular as a result. Consequently, some gentlemen's clubs will have girls not only pole dancing, but using silks, hoops and lyras to make things unique and unforgettable. Furthermore, clubs will go above and beyond to stay ahead of the competition. Some strip clubs in Russia cater for, and take care of VIPs, by providing limos, rare liquors and exceptional service.

The law in for Strip clubs in St Petersburg.

In St Petersburg, prostitution is illegal. As a result, authorities in St Petersburg have cracked down to get rid of street walkers. The situation now is low end prostitution has been forced out. High end prostitution rules with girls working nightclubs, including strip clubs. Furthermore, it is very expensive. The club and the dancer's discretion decides what happens in the private room outside of touching, which is expected. Dancers are mainly local due to visa restriction and Russia not being part of the EU. Russian women are notoriously beautiful therefore strip clubs in St Petersburg have no problem recruiting girls that look like supermodels.

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