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  • Berloga in Moscow

    Москва, Проспект Мира 116а, метро Алексеевская
    Here you can have a great evening with one or druzyami.Nash strip club is located on one of the central…
  • Burlesque Gorky Park

    Komsomolskiy prospekt 28
    Burlesque - men's nightclub, which spurned all templates Moscow strip clubs and set up his own standard. Burlesque - is…
  • Burlesque Khoroshevka

    Москва, Хорошевское шоссе, дом 25, стр. 3
    Burlesque - men's nightclub, which spurned all templates Moscow strip clubs and set up his own standard. Burlesque - is…
  • Club Kapriz

    Moskva, Ave. Sakharov , 14
    Erotic Dance Club "Caprice" does not hide his relationship with the club outrageous "Red Riding Hood". But we do not…
  • Dolls in Moscow

    123022, Москва, ул. Красная Пресня 23-Б, строение 1.
    [vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Ladies and Gentlemen! DOLLS Club opens its doors on a daily basis for all discerning owners of status, fluent in…
  • Golden Dolls

    Невский пр., 60 191025 Saint Petersburg, Russia
    Golden Dolls opened in May 1998 and became the first erotic club in St. Petersburg ( St. Petersburg striptease club…
  • Golden Girls Moscow

    WE CREATE A DREAM Imagine a paradise for real men . The desire in every movement sexy girls night taste…
  • Rasputin Club

    Зубовский бульвар, дом 25 Москва, Россия
    Male strip club "Rasputin" - a spectacular party , a high level of service and beautiful girls Already 18 years…
  • Rhino Bar

    Saint-Petersburg, Lomonosova Street, 1
    Night strip club Rhino Bar – this is the place where your most hot fantasies will come true. Here the…
  • The Penthouse Club Moscow

    Moscow, Noviy Arbat, 21
    THE PENTHOUSE CLUB MOSCOW — The first and only official Penthouse Club located outside of North America. The Club has…
  • Virgins Dinamo

    Our girls have never worked in strip clubs, they are simple, natural and devoid of rough business approach experienced strippers.…
  • Virgins Taganka

    The girls in Virgin Taganka has never worked in strip clubs, they are simple, natural and devoid of rough business…
  • Zavist Cabaret Bar

    St.Petersburg, Sadovaya ul 11
    Strip bar in Cabaret style. Bar is located in the center of St.Petersburg. Here you can see interesting show-programs and…
  • Zavist Gentleman Bar

    St.Petersburg, Griboedova nab. 17
    Strip bar in the center of St.Petersburg. Here you can try different types of gentlemes’ entertainment: strip,show-programs, karaoke, sport matches,…
  • Zavist Lounge Bar

    St.Petersburg, Vladimirskiy pr, 8
    Convenient Lounge strip bar in the center of St.Peterburg. Relaxing atmosphere, the best girls will give you positive emotions.
  • Zavist Show Bar

    St.Petersburg, Liteiniy pr. 57
    Show bar in the center of Saint Petersburg with interesting performance ana crazy menu
  • Zavist Strip Bar

    St.Petersburg, Konushennaya ul. 29
    Strip club in the center of St.Petersburg. Here every man can feel relaxed and comfortable surrounded by beautiful girls. You…
  • Zavist Topless Bar

    St.Petersburg, Italyanskaya ul, 5
    The first topless strip bar in Saint Petersburg, which every man should visit. Beautiful and sexy girls will give you…


  •  1 Visions Cabaret

    Visions Cabaret

    7900 Bicentennial Rd North Little Rock, Arkansas
    Bobcat187 quote Highly recommended visions cabaret i have been to every club in arkansas and there are alot and in Memphis Tennessee also all over Texas and 3 in Florida i wont go anywhere else completely gorgeous girls good its none smoking inside drinks are a little pricey but they have to make a living just like anyone else i dont judge its 100% better then it was years ago dancing skills some had a seat with me and a friend easy to talk with them and I highly recommend seeing Veronica or Victoria I rode with my friend and I was having a good time I want to say veronica or V less that's what she said her friends called her all I can say is that is one hot as hell tattoos piercings witch I'm into like many more got a 2 for 1 lap dance from her it cost $40 witch is for 2 song as beautiful and sexy she is she has a tattoo of a rose between her books I couldn't tell what the rest going under her tits to dark and many more doubt she will remember her but first chance I get I'm there hoping to see that perfect sized ass shake again and pierced nipples as well Wow like the old school traditional good line work red with a little yellow nose rings on both sides and sexy little tongue ring that goes across her tongue not down I didn't mind spending the money or the $40 for 1 song when they are not doing the 2 for 1 and the other girl went by Devon my friend and her where old friends I had to go before I could get a dance from her witch I'm still kicking myself in the ass for to waiting but have to work Saturdays but I will get back soon I sure wish I knew V and Devon a lot better but it is what it is the girls can't play with customers and won't my friend dated Devon shit don't always work out but he said she was a looker and was right about had a blast worth every dollar I spent and it was a lot like 300 almost 400 and will gladly spent it on V sexiest woman I have seen dance didn't get to see her on the stage was a little late and that suck but enjoyed the hell out of the private lap dance wish I could have touched a little but can't do it sucks the only other thing is the girls having cover up nipples just enough to drive you nuts they start closing at 4:40am some were around there to move people out but doors are completely closed at 5am I bounced for a club before it's cool that they escort each dancer out and safely to there vehicle's club worked at didn't do that at all everyone just left at once enough talking still drunk be back very soon
    on December 7, 2019


    Nørregade 1 1165 Copenhagen K Denmark
    Angels Club quote Award winning top club in Copenhagen The only true Gentlemen's Club
    on October 4, 2019
  •  2 Gentlemans Club

    Gentlemans Club

    Iso Roobertinkatu 4-6 Helsinki
    nano quote Good Club, very nice.
    on August 14, 2019
  •  2 Gentlemans Club

    Gentlemans Club

    Iso Roobertinkatu 4-6 Helsinki
    Gentlemans Club Helsinki quote Best in Helsinki
    on August 14, 2019

18 places in "Russia"

Guide and advice to the best Strip clubs in Russia.

Gentlemen clubs in Russia are of an exceptional standard. They have big shows with showgirls being the focus of the club. Moscow, the capital, is known to have a thriving nightlife with some very luxurious nightclubs, shopping and restaurants.  There is extreme wealth present in the city with the presence of oligarchs. St. Petersburg is another Russian major city with an abundance of strip clubs and money. It is very socially acceptable to be seen in the gentlemen's clubs. Furthermore, patrons are even encouraged to be big spenders by their peers in strip clubs in Russia.

Gentlemen clubs in Russia work on the 'Champagne system'. Thereby, drinks and lap dances are sold by the girls and customers are expected to indulge. This is not often a huge issue in Russia. Dances normally start at around €25. However, as stated, displays of wealth are not considered vulgar compared to other European countries so this is just the starter rate. Bottles, Magnums and bigger sizes of Champagne are available for the customers to show off. Most of the clubs have nude girls doing stage shows on rotation. Dancer's pay a house fee to the club. The standard ranges from back street to high end, but the high end are spectacular compared to some other countries. Consequently, some venues are cabaret style with real showmanship and some amazing acts that incorporate the more traditional pole dancing, as well as aerial arts such as silks and lyras. Furthermore, clubs will go above and beyond to stand out. Some strip clubs in Russia cater for, and take care of VIPs by providing luxurious surroundings, drinks and exceptional service.

The law in Russia

In Russia, prostitution is illegal. Authorities in Moscow have made a concerted effort to empty the city of street walkers. This has forced low end prostitution out and now high end prostitution rules with girls working nightclubs, including strip clubs, and it is expensive. Some clubs in Russia have girls that offer more than a lap dance, it is at the dancer's discretion. What happens in VIP is between the client and the girl. Generally, girls allow touching and some clubs offer erotic massage quite openly. Clients agree a price with the girl and then pay a fee for the booth/room rental to the club. Consequently, customers and dancers need to take care when visiting or applying to work in venues with no research.

The Girls in Gentlemen clubs in Russia

Strip clubs in Russia mainly have Russian girls working them as it is not part of the EU. Russia has extremely beautiful women, it is famous for it. Therefore, the clubs have no problem recruiting dancers that look like supermodels.

Locations of Gentlemen clubs in Russia

Moscow has the highest concentration of Gentlemen clubs in Russia with the very first Penthouse Club outside of the USA. Other clubs include:- Notably, Moscow also has one of the only clubs in Europe (Club Kapriz) with only male dances performing Chippendale style acts. Finally, St Petersburg has 6 branches of Zavist: Cabaret Bar, Gentleman Bar, Lounge Bar, Show Bar, Strip Bar and Topless Bar.

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