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    39 Mitchell Street Glasgow, Guernsey G1 3LN United Kingdom
    The one and only Diamond Dolls, Scotland’s lap dancing super club, located in the heart of Glasgow city centre.A spectacular…

    24 Drury Street, Glasgow, Lanarkshire G2 5AA, UK
    Recently upgraded and enhanced, Platinum Lace Glasgow is dedicated to offering top class entertainment in a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere.…

    15 Elmbank Gardens Glasgow G2 4NQ
    Glasgow lap dancing club, Seventh Heaven is located just off Bath Street in Elmbank Gardens. With late opening seven nights…

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Guide and advice to the best Strip clubs in Glasgow.

Strip clubs in Glasgow run on the system common throughout the UK; the 'lap dance system'. This is a very different work style to the rest of Europe. Glasgow is more in tandem with strip club styles in Australia and the USA.

Private shows are the primary focus of the lap dancing clubs in Glasgow and drinks do not factor into the commission structure. Lap dancing clubs will not catch out customers with huge cocktail prices. It is the same price, whether for dancer or client. There isn't really a limit on girls in strip clubs in Glasgow unlike many European clubs. The lap dancing clubs are often larger, busier venues and the commission structure means it is more profitable for the clubs to have many girls working. Glasgow is the largest city in Scotland with a population of nearly 600,000 people. Glasgow is a very industrial city with many blue collar workers making up the city's residents. The average net worth of locals isn't the highest. However, there are many people that pass through, with many strip clubs in Glasgow reaping the benefits.

Glasgow is the largest city in Scotland and the fourth largest in the UK with a population of around 600,000. With arguably the two most famous Scottish football teams, Rangers and Celtic, both based in the city. Glasgow is world famous as a historical city. It is depicted in many films and literature. Some of the publicity surrounding Glasgow has not been the most positive. Glasgow has the highest incidence of violent crime in the UK. This isn't to say that you can't have a good night in the city and the locals don't know how to party, especially in the strip clubs in Glasgow.

Strip clubs in Glasgow have a more American style system, than European. Similar to the majority of clubs in the UK. Customers are encouraged to engage in a private show from very early on in their visit. This is because the strippers only make money from lap dances and not drinks or Champagne. The clubs will have a girl on stage regularly throughout the night, going topless. Feature shows don't occur in the way they do in other countries that carry a similar system such as Australia and the USA. Venues tend to be larger and busier. Dances start at £20 so there is something for most budgets. All of this makes strip clubs in Glasgow very competitive working environments. Girls have to be very self-motivated as once management receive their house fee the girls are independent contractors. Any time spent in the bar area is at the dancer's expense. There is zero return if the girl isn't dancing. Strippers can end up out of pocket in this system if it is particularly quiet, so they are a lot more forceful to get a dance. This is common throughout the whole of the UK. The 'lap dance system' is the commission structure used in strip clubs in Glasgow and this means girls pay a 'house fee' to the club or a percentage. Sometimes both. The rest of the money is hers to keep and constitutes her wage for the night. There can be huge variation on figures. Management fill the lap dancing clubs with girls as they have no pay outs, in fact the more girls, the more of a return. Consequently, there are many options for customers visiting.

Legalities of strip clubs in Glasgow

Licensing laws do not allow for any touching or extras within the clubs. In relatively recent years, there was an overhaul of the system. Whereas, previously, gentlemen's clubs could operate under a normal nightclub license, now they have to come under a specific sex venue license. This comes with even stricter specifications on how clubs can run. It is very difficult for new venues to gain the license, so if clubs flout the rules and get closed down, it would be extremely difficult to reopen.

Where strip clubs in Scotland are located

Glasgow has a branch of the national chain, Platinum Lace. Finally, other lap dancing clubs include Diamond Doll's and Seventh Heaven.

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