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  • New Girls Cabaret

    Calle Isabel la Católica, 19, 28013 Madrid, Spain
    Opened more than ten years ago, New Girls Cabaret is now a well known landmark attraction for striptease in Madrid. …

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Strip Clubs in Madrid guide and advice.

Madrid is the capital of Spain. With the city having a population of 3.2 million inhabitants, and the metropolitan area having approximately 6.5 million, Madrid is the third largest city in the EU. Madrid houses Spain's government as the monarch of the country. It is the economic and cultural centre of Spain. Madrid has the third largest GDP in the European Union and the culture influences fashion, the arts, science, the media and entertainment, just naming a few. There is a high standard of living here. Madrid is considered the financial capital of southern Europe. Madrid is also the home of Athletico Madrid and Real Madrid, two of Spain's leading football teams, which attracts fans from all over the world, from the USA to Asia. Many international headquarters call Madrid home, including, the World Tourism Organisation, part of the United Nations. Madrid is a very historical city. This is reflected in the architecture and adds to the number of visitors each year which totals over 1.5 million. Between the business, sport, shopping and culture, there are many things that bring people to the city and into the Gentlemen clubs in Madrid.

Summertime is when the most visitors come to Madrid for holidays. This includes domestic travellers who opt to travel to a different part of the country for their break. However, for the Strip clubs in Madrid, other parts of the year are more lucrative. This is due to business travellers and the football season. Religion and the Catholic church still influences a lot of things in Spain. Therefore, significant periods such as Christmas and Easter impact openings. Spain has a very late night culture due to siestas. Many businesses shut down in the afternoon for a few hours to avoid the hottest part of the day. As a result, people don't go out for dinner until after 10pm so the strip clubs in Madrid are affected by this. They don't get busy until very late. Strip clubs in Spain operate on a combination of the 'Lap Dance System' and 'Champagne system'. Clubs will offer either no, or a very small fixed salary. They will offer drinks commission which means that clients will pay a higher cost for dancer's drinks. This covers the time the stripper spends with the client. Clubs normally take around 50% of dance commission and prices start at around €30.

Where dancers are from in Strip clubs in Madrid

Dancers in lap Gentlemen clubs in Madrid need to be able to speak Spanish. A high number of locals visit and they expect to be able to speak their home language. Therefore, you mainly find Spanish girls and those from Eastern Europe in the lap dancing clubs. Spain has legalised prostitution. Hence, there is a lot of extras going on in the gentlemen's clubs. A potential client or dancer should take care as touching is expected, and they may not be comfortable with this.  It should be checked as strip clubs in Madrid are different to each other and have their own rules.

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