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  • After Dark Gentlemen’s Club

    torggaten 5 5014 bergen
    We have the great pleasure inviting you to one of Scandinavia’s most sophisticated Gentlemen’s Clubs, After Dark western Norway’s only…

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Guide and advice to the best Strip Clubs in Bergen.

Strip Clubs in Bergen is actually just 1 club at the moment. The city council has made it difficult to run strip clubs in this city by banning alcohol on the premisses where its nude dancing

The result is that  clubs in Bergen has dancing and drinking is separated. They have made two different departements of the same club. The system works great and dancers are reporting that they make good money this way.  Bergen is the second largest city in Norway. It is famous because of the seven mountains that surround the city. There is a cable car that takes you to one of the peaks, or it is popular with hikers.

Bergen is the 'gateway to the fjords' There are many tour companies that offer day trips. This gives tourists a glimpse of one of Norway's most famous offerings.

The city is also the centre for Norway's offshore oil and gas, subsea, and shipping industries. Many offshore workers, fly out of Bergen to the rigs in the North Sea. There are also many head offices and factories for engineering related to oil and gas, so there are a lot of people travelling through, providing the strip clubs in Bergen with a lot of high quality, clientele.

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