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  • Candy’s Walmer

    113 Heugh Road Walmer Port Elizabeth
    Candy's Walmer Candy's Walmer was established on the outlook on adult entertainment and table dancing venues.  Opened in August  2010…

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Gide and advice to the best Strip clubs in Port Elizabeth.

Strip clubs in Port Elizabeth pay the girls with a combination of the 'champagne' and 'lap dance' systems, as the rest of the clubs do nationally. Lap dancing clubs do not pay fixed salaries to the girls. They pay commission only on drinks and dances sold. Therefore, girls make nothing unless they have sales. As a result, there is a lot more pressure for results. Clients expect continuous stage shows through the evening. There is a focus on the stage and it provides movement in the club.

Port Elizabeth is also know as 'The Friendly City' and 'The Windy City'. It is one of the largest cities in the country of South Africa and 770km east of Cape Town. Port Elizabeth is one of the major seaports in the country and the southernmost major city on the African continent. Over 312,000 people live in the city and over 1 million in the metropolitan area.

Port Elizabeth is a city that was built on trade and became a free port in 1832.

Goods, including wine, brandy, vinegar, leather, tallow, ivory, animal skins, candles, wool ostrich feather and much more were transported through here. Today, it is no different. Some of the goods have changed, due to modern legislation such as ivory and rare animal skins. The cities port has become the most significant ore loading facility in the Southern Himisphere. Port Elizabeth is also the location of South Africa's motor industry. Ford, VW, General Motors and Continental tyres have assembly plants here.  Gentlemen clubs in Port Elizabeth can be very well located for business with such large numbers of male dominated industries and many passing through.

Legalities of Strip clubs in Port Elizabeth.

Visitors to strip clubs in Port Elizabeth and South Africa, in general, expect touching. Venues offer contact dances and books outs are not rare. Authorities made prostitution illegal in 1957 with the Sexual Offences Act and 2007 brought the outlawing of the purchase of sex. South Africa is a very corrupt country with a huge class and pay gap. Book outs are impossible to police and prostitution is commonplace. Even if a club doesn't allow sex on the premises, they can end up facilitating things as book outs are not policed. There is a stigma attached to stripping in the country because of the prevalence of sex for sale associated with the lap dancing clubs.

Types of dancers in South African Gentlemen clubs.

Strippers in gentlemen clubs in South Africa mainly come from local areas or elsewhere in the African continent. The South African Rand doesn't translate very well in comparison to more western currencies such as the US dollar, Euro and British Pound. Whilst stripping in Port Elizabeth can provide a luxurious life locally, bringing enough money back can be a challenge. South Africa's strict money laundering laws can also make things a little more difficult for international dancers. English is South Africa's national language so girls can work from many countries.

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