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Guide and advice to the best Strip clubs in Pretoria.

Strip clubs in Pretoria have a system that is in line with the rest of the country of South Africa. Lap dancing clubs offer a mixture of the 'champagne' and 'lap dance' system. Management do not offer fixed salaries to the dancer, just commission.

However, venues offer commission for both dance and champagne sales. Due to a lack of guaranteed pay, there is a sense of urgency for strippers in Pretoria to sell private shows and bottles. Dancers spend time on the club floor is for free and it is not cost effective.

Pretoria is one of the three capitals of South Africa, housing the executive branch of government.

It is a very academic city with three universities. The Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) is also in the eastern suburbs here. The city also has the South African Bureau of Standards adding to the reputation for research. Pretoria has a population of 741,651 people. Just under 3 million live in the metropolitan area.  It has a humid, subtropical climate with long, hot, rainy summers and short cool to cold, dry winters. Pretoria is an important industrial centre and a major business centre. Many industries include copper casting, iron and steel works, and manufacturing of heavy machinery, railway carriages and automobiles. Mahlamba Ndlopfu, the official residence of the President of South Africa in in Pretoria. Therefore, many governmental officials and associates pass through the city, providing the gentlemen clubs in Pretoria with wealthy, powerful clientele.

Legalities of strip clubs in Pretoria.

Clients visiting gentlemen clubs in Pretoria expect contact in private shows. This is a common situation throughout South Africa. The clubs accommodate this. The majority of clubs allow book outs, which are extremely hard to police. As a result, prostitution with the industry is very common. Even if the clubs do no allow it on premises, or individual girls do not offer this service.South African authorities outlawed prostitution in 1957 with the Sexual Offences Act and they expanded this to include the purchase of sex in 2007. However, the RSA is known to be an extremely corrupt country and the pay gap between the rich and poor is one of the largest in the world. Consequently, authorities in this area turn a blind eye very regularly.

Types of dancers in strip clubs in Pretoria.

Girls from the local area and other parts of the African continent mainly work in strip clubs in Pretoria. The South African Rand does not convert favourably to many western currencies. Therefore, it can be often be not cost effective for European and US girls work here. Combined with the higher levels of contact in dances and the widespread prostitution, it is not appealing for girls that can make more money for less elsewhere. The money earned is enough to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle within the country. However, it can be difficult in some parts of the country to make enough to bring that lifestyle home. There is a stigma related to the industry in South Africa. This is due to the abundance of brothels operating as strip clubs.

You can find Gentlemen clubs in the following South African cities:

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  • Flamingo 1333

    1333 STANZA BOPAPE STREET HATFIELD Pretoria, South Africa
    Flamingo 1333 Strip Club in Pretoria We are the oldest strip club in Pretoria. While the others have fade away…
  • Teazers Pretoria

    Shop 13 Stormvoël Auto Centre 0182 Kiner Park, Pretoria
    Teazers Pretoria


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    on June 26, 2019
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    Alex_USA quote I was in Kiev secondly time. And I can say that this club is gonna make me some fucking noise))attractive and gorgeous girls. I'll be on July and return to you))
    on May 28, 2019
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    Перемоги, 1. Готель «Либiть»
    Oleg quote Stylish club with a reasonable bar menu and prices. There were not too many girls when we arrived, but they were good looking. And as we found out later on, very friendly and fun to be around. Thank you, we’ll be back for more.
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