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  • Club Le Chat Noir

    10 rue Edouard Teutsch 67000 Strasbourg
    [vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] Club Le Chat Noir THE BLACK CAT Club libertine for couples and single men. The club is open every Wednesday, Friday…

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Guide and advice to the best Strip Clubs in Strasbourg.

Strip clubs in Strasbourg work on the 'Champagne system'. Strippers sell private shows, perform on stage and also make money from selling drinks and bottles. Clients pay a premium for this, but they are paying for the company, as well as the drink. Prostitution was made illegal in France, as recently as, April 2014. This was in an attempt to curb human trafficking. The authorities charge a €1500 penalty on anyone caught breaking the law, so the appeal is not so great to push extras in the gentlemen's clubs

Girls come from all over Europe, and with the high number of international clients, English can be sufficient. As France uses the Euro, it is workable to western European dancers, as well as, eastern European. Strasbourg is the capital of the Grand Est region in France.

The city is also the official seat of the European Parliament. Strasbourg has a population of over 484,000 people, with the metropolitan area having over 773,000.

This makes it the ninth largest metro area in France. Many European institutions call Strasbourg home including, the Council of Europe (incorporating the European Court of Human Rights), European Parliament and the European Ombudsmen of the European Union. With this level of politics going on in the city, it is no surprise strip clubs in Strasbourg can pull in good clients.