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    Bellmansgatan 7 411 28 Göteborg
    Chat Noir - Sweden's most exclusive strip club. In the heart of Gothenburg, we welcome you to an unforgettable evening…

    Kronobergsgatan 7 Stockholm Sweden
    Welcome to Club Harem An exclusive gentleman's club, which is located in central Stockholm. Every night we have non-stop striptease…
  • Club Harem

    Dalagatan 7
    Welcome to Club Harem An exclusive gentlemen’s club, which is located in central Stockholm. Every night we have nonstop striptease.…

    Döbelnsgatan 4 111 40 Stockholm
    Club Kino is since 1989 situated at Döbelnsgatan 4 in Stockholm. Every nigth we offer you and your friends a…

    Rådmansgatan 46 Stockholm
    Welcome to Stockholms most exclusive strip club, let our girls escort you to a thrilling evening in sexy fantasy land.
  • Cosmopolitan Club

    Rådmandsgatan 46
    Welcome to the pinacle of glamour, mystery & unequivocal entertainment.  Cosmopolitan Club is one of Europes most exclusive Burlesque clubs…
  • Dragan Jönköping

    Thulegatan 12 85323 Sundsvall
    Dragan Live Striptease Club JÖNKÖPING
  • Dragan Karlshamn

    Drottningsgatan 52, 374 35 Karlshamn
  • Dragan Live Kvanum

    Edsvära Algutstorp 6, 535 93 Kvänum, Sverige
  • Dragan Mörsil

    Kyrkv. 2 830 04 MÖRSIL
  • Heart Beat

    Drottninggatan 110 Stockholm
    Heartbeat is run by a group of professional, beautiful female dancers with long experience of putting the visitor's well-being and needs…

    Andra Långgatan 16 Gøteborg Sweden
    Wanda Stripping is not any club. We have attracted our guests with our beautiful and nice staff for almost 30…

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Guide and advice to the best Strip clubs in Sweden.

Strip Clubs in Sweden is very different from the clubs in other European Countries. They are not allowed to serve alcohol and this fact changes the concept and style on the clubs a lot.

Strip Clubs in Sweden will have stage shows, but a lot of whats going on in the clubs ar done by the dancers themselves and if you buy a champagne for a dancer it will be a non alcoholic one, so obviously they dont sell much of it. Instead you can get some pretty erotic private shows and some of the clubs have there own tv rooms showing porn films and domination rooms where you can be dominated by the dancer. The private shows is often done behind a glass wall so there is no contact between the dancer and the customer, but the shows will be a lot more pornographic than what you will have seen in other countries.

Gentlemen clubs in Sweden have a unique style compared to not just Scandinavian countries, but also to clubs around the world. Sweden is a relatively conservative country and the feminist movement has had a big influence on the sex industry. This means, clubs can only operate under very strict guidelines in regards to; how the dances can work and what is allowed to happen. There is also, now, a relatively small number of strip clubs. This mindset has also had the effect, culturally, whereby it is completely socially acceptable for women to be forward with men in day to day life. Equality in every sense of the word. Therefore, Swedish men have a tendency to be indifferent to strip clubs as they can get attention in the supermarket.

Food prices, rental and amenities are very expensive relative to other European countries but in line with other Scandinavian countries such as Norway and Denmark. This means that strip clubs in Sweden are not, by any means, cheap. The entrance fees in strip clubs in Sweden can go from €50 upwards. A customer in a club that wants to buy an hour with erotic massage, can be set back €500-€1000. You need to be prepared to dig deep if you want to visit strip clubs in Sweden. Strip clubs in Sweden will have continuous stage shows will all of the girls going on stage. Customers have entertainment between private shows and this allows the girls to show what they can do. Consequently, the clubs are always entertaining, even with no alcohol being served.

Types of Strip clubs in Sweden

Swedish clubs conduct themselves differently to other countries. There are two styles of strip club. There are those that offer private shows. These have no contact whatsoever and are sometimes conducted in a peep show style. With the girl behind glass, often doing close to a solo sex show. However, there are some clubs that with offer the private shows and erotic massage. Finally, there are a few clubs that offer 'Jacuzzi shows' where the client and the dancer can take a hot tub together. Prostitution is absolute not within the parameters of a private show under Swedish licensing laws. Venues prohibit touching, both in private shows and on the club floor.

Locations of Strip clubs in Sweden

The capital city of Stockholm houses most of the Strip clubs in Sweden. This is Sweden's largest city with a population of nearly 800,000 people. In European terms, this is tiny but there are many head offices and business passing through. The authorities have forced many of the clubs there previously to close down due to the tightening of the licensing laws. Therefore, the numbers have drastically decreased. Clubs in Stockholm include:- Gothenburg has Chat Noir and Wanda's. Finally, there is also the Dragan chain with venues in

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