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  • Calypso

    Niederdorfstrasse 608001 Zuric
    Cabaret Club for connoisseurs Attractive stripteasers, Zurich’s unique shower-show performance, juicy slideshows and an intimate atmosphere are prominent features of…

    Rugenparkstrasse 33 3800 Interlaken Switzerland
    Welcome to Berner Oberland's most beautiful address. The Club Elegance offers its guests a relaxed feel-good atmosphere, erotic stage shows…
  • Gentlemens Club

    Spitalgasse 38 3011 Bern Switzerland
    Gentlemens Club in Bern

    Mühlegasse 3 CH-8001 Zürich
    Haifisch Strip Club in Zurich. Welcome to the most beautiful Nightclub in Zürich. Join our discreet and stylish Nightclub. Let us entertain…
  • Maxim

    Schoffelgasse 4 8001 Zürich Switzerland
  • Pompeii Gentlemen’s Club

    Via Brogeda 1, 6830 Chiasso, Switzerland
    Our concept is a unique mixture of style, sex & theater, removing the red light but not the erotica.  The…

    Rue des Glaçis de Rive 17 - 1207 Geneva
    Welcome to the Pussy Cat Club The mythical Pussy Cat is world-famous for having welcomed numerous artists from a wide…
  • RED LIPS Strip Club | Cabaret | Night Club

    Hohlstrasse 47
    We offer our guests unforgettable experience with our beautiful girls and our first class drinks in a high class atmosphere.…
  • Saphir Night-Club

    Avenue du Mont-Blanc 32, 1196 Gland, Switzerland
    Resident artists usually have renewable contracts for one or more weeks. Working hours are from Sunday to Thursday from 21:00…
  • Sensi Strip & Table Dance club

    Rue de Fribourg 9 CH-1201 Genève
    Sensi Strip & Table dance club in Geneva

    Kräzernstrasse 10 St.Gallen, 9014 Switzerland
    Best Entertainment in St.Gallen Six Day Tabledance. Clubfeeling in a stylish ambience. Fine drinks and exclusive champagne in a sparkling…
  • Teatro

    Zürcherstrasse, 49 8620 Wetzikon, Switzerland
    When you are looking for the best in adult entertainment in Zurich district, club Teatro is your only choice. Based…

    Rue du jeu de l'Arc 7 1207 Genève
    The Velvet Club, the very best of Geneva by Night. The Velvet Club has created its own history and legends…

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Guide and advice to the best Strip Clubs in Switzerland.

Strip Clubs in Switzerland is often also called table dance clubs are based on the Europeans Champagne Club system, the dancers gets a commission from drinking champagne with the customers. Switzerland has a strong economy so working here is known for being very lucrative, especially in financial city centres like Zurich and Geneva.

Prostitusion is legal in Switzerland and its also controlled by the government, so many clubs will offer both strip dancers and also sexual services. Dancers who wanna work here needs to be aware of this fact and do there research on the clubs before the go to work here. The strip clubs in Switzerland is also normally paying a fixed salary and therefore there are ewer dancers working in each club, you can also buy private shows with the strip dancers in the Gentlemen clubs. From August 2005 the immigration departement in Switzerland changed the rules for getting work permits for dancers, to stop human trafficking. This means that there is not so many foreign dancers working in Switzerland anymore.

Strip clubs in Switzerland vary in style greatly. Some are very much party venues with a lot of stage action with tipping dollars.

Smaller clubs are more focused on Champagne sales and hostessing as a general rule. All offer private shows. Some strip clubs in Switzerland are unusual in the fact they do not allow customers to purchase a private dance without a minimum spend on Champagne. The main business cities of Zurich and Geneva have the largest concentration of clubs. Venues are littered throughout the country in many cities and towards the high tourist area of the Alps.

Dancers go fully nude on stage and sometimes table dances are offered on the main floor as well as the private shows. Dances start at around 40CHF.

Strip clubs in Switzerland give a fixed salary to dancers and this means numbers within a club are limited as a standard. There are many high net worth clients available in Switzerland. It is a renowned as a commercial and financial centre within Europe. The Swiss Franc is an extremely stable currency so can be beneficial for overseas dancers to accrue. You will no longer find dancers from outside of the EU working in Swiss strip clubs. From 1995, cabaret and exotic dancers were able to obtain a special license to work within the clubs from anywhere in the world. The immigration department revoked this license in August 2015 in a bid to prevent human trafficking (source here). Accommodation is usually provided for dancers as many of the girls still come to work from outside of the country. The central location makes it especially easy to travel overland from Eastern European countries. The dancer demographic reflects this.

Legislation in Switzerland

Switzerland has not only legalised prostitution but also regulated it. There is a requirement to ensure businesses are registered. There's no undue pressure on sex workers and guarantees on safety and health. A lot of strip clubs in Switzerland, as a result, do offer sexual services. Girls can work within clubs without doing extras, but they need to be aware and accept that it can, and does happen. This can impact business, but often extras are priced out of the bracket of dance prices. Consequently, there can be something from everyone, at every end of the spectrum, budget wise and expectation wise. There are some clubs that are strictly dancing but these are the exception rather than the rule. Clients and dancers need to research beforehand to establish what is available place to place so there are no awkward situations.

Some strip clubs in Switzerland

Geneva has a large number of venues with clubs such as Sensi Strip & Table dance club and Velvet. Zurich also has many, though, surprisingly, the de facto capital of Bern only has two. St. Gallen has Six Day Tabledance.

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