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  • Doll House Gentlemen’s Club

    329 Charles St, North Perth WA 6006, Australia
    Doll House Gentlemen's Club in Perth We strongly believe how a club feels – that overall atmosphere – is what makes…

    230 William Street, Northbridge Perth, Western Australia 6000
    PENTHOUSE GENTLEMENS CLUB IN PERTH AUSTRALIA’S FIRST PENTHOUSE CLUB Welcome to Penthouse Club Perth, Where the magazine comes to life! Perth’s…
  • Voodoo Lounge

    174 James Street Northbridge, Perth Western Australia – 6003
    VOODOO LOUNGE STRIP CLUB IN PERTH The Voodoo Lounge – Perth’s Premier Strip Club & Cabaret Lounge is a nightclub…


  •  1 Relax Cabaret

    Relax Cabaret

    Avenida España Punta Cana
    RelaxCabaret quote Perfectly club!
    1 hour ago
  •  1 Visions Cabaret

    Visions Cabaret

    7900 Bicentennial Rd North Little Rock, Arkansas
    Bobcat187 quote Highly recommended visions cabaret i have been to every club in arkansas and there are alot and in Memphis Tennessee also all over Texas and 3 in Florida i wont go anywhere else completely gorgeous girls good its none smoking inside drinks are a little pricey but they have to make a living just like anyone else i dont judge its 100% better then it was years ago dancing skills some had a seat with me and a friend easy to talk with them and I highly recommend seeing Veronica or Victoria I rode with my friend and I was having a good time I want to say veronica or V less that's what she said her friends called her all I can say is that is one hot as hell tattoos piercings witch I'm into like many more got a 2 for 1 lap dance from her it cost $40 witch is for 2 song as beautiful and sexy she is she has a tattoo of a rose between her books I couldn't tell what the rest going under her tits to dark and many more doubt she will remember her but first chance I get I'm there hoping to see that perfect sized ass shake again and pierced nipples as well Wow like the old school traditional good line work red with a little yellow nose rings on both sides and sexy little tongue ring that goes across her tongue not down I didn't mind spending the money or the $40 for 1 song when they are not doing the 2 for 1 and the other girl went by Devon my friend and her where old friends I had to go before I could get a dance from her witch I'm still kicking myself in the ass for to waiting but have to work Saturdays but I will get back soon I sure wish I knew V and Devon a lot better but it is what it is the girls can't play with customers and won't my friend dated Devon shit don't always work out but he said she was a looker and was right about had a blast worth every dollar I spent and it was a lot like 300 almost 400 and will gladly spent it on V sexiest woman I have seen dance didn't get to see her on the stage was a little late and that suck but enjoyed the hell out of the private lap dance wish I could have touched a little but can't do it sucks the only other thing is the girls having cover up nipples just enough to drive you nuts they start closing at 4:40am some were around there to move people out but doors are completely closed at 5am I bounced for a club before it's cool that they escort each dancer out and safely to there vehicle's club worked at didn't do that at all everyone just left at once enough talking still drunk be back very soon
    on December 7, 2019


    Nørregade 1 1165 Copenhagen K Denmark
    Angels Club quote Award winning top club in Copenhagen The only true Gentlemen's Club
    on October 4, 2019
  •  2 Gentlemans Club

    Gentlemans Club

    Iso Roobertinkatu 4-6 Helsinki
    nano quote Good Club, very nice.
    on August 14, 2019

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Guide and advice to the best Strip Clubs in Western Australia.

Strip clubs in Western Australia run on the 'lap dance system'. Girls pay a percentage to the club in order to work, though is often quite small. No commission is made on drinks sales. Australian strip clubs put a lot of emphasis on the stage. Strippers dance in continuous rotation, mostly to fully nude. Dancers expect the customers to tip and will work the crowd in order to accumulate more money

Strip Clubs in Western Australia run on the 'lap dance system'. Girls pay a percentage to the club in order to work, though is often quite small. No commission is made on drinks sales. Western Australia Strip Clubs put a lot of emphasis on the stage. Strippers dance in continuous rotation, mostly to fully nude. Dancers expect the customers to tip and will work the crowd in order to accumulate more money. There are many very well known showgirls and pole dancers that have come out of the strip clubs in Western Australia. Felix Cane and Allegra King just to name a couple. Miss Nude Australia is the biggest showgirl competition in the country. Dancers from strip clubs in Western Australia are well placed regularly.

Who works in Strip Clubs in Western Australia.

Strip Clubs in Western Australia have an extremely good reputation for making money. This is because of the large number of males flying in on extremely high salaries. Some of their contracts involve them being on the mining sites for over a month at a time. As a result, they are very keen to relax and enjoy female company when they finish their shift. VIP dances are in very high demand and it is not unusual to get clients spend many hours with a girl. Sometimes from when the gentlemen's clubs open until closing time.

Many clients also have regular girls so it is a very popular draw for dancers. Therefore, most of the clubs have very high standards and there are sometimes waiting lists to get a space. Due to this popularity, dancers are not so aggressive in selling style, however, they do not waste time if a client will not buy a dance. They have many options so customers should spend quickly is they find a girl they like.

Western Australia is one of the most mineral rich parts of the country. It accounted for 41% of the countries income from total merchandise exports for last year. Very large number of men come from all over Australia and beyond to work on the huge mining sites. Most of them fly through Perth. These workers are on extremely high incomes due to the shift patterns and dangers of their jobs. Therefore, strip clubs in Western Australia are a gold mine for the dancers that work them.

Prostitution is not accepted in the clubs and touching is not allowed. Sometimes, light contact is tolerated depending on the girl. There are different styles of lap dancing clubs in Western Australia to suit all clients and dancers. From very high end to faster, quicker venues. All run on similar systems, however. There is friendly rivalry between the clubs. Most have contracts with outside venues for girls to perform shows in the day. Sometimes, these take the form of inter club/agency competitions.

Strippers come from mainly Australia and Western European countries such as the UK, France and Germany. This is due to the working holiday visa program, which also includes other European countries and Canada.

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