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  • Penthouse Club Auckland

    13 gore street auckland
    Penthouse Club Auckland – New Zealand’s Premier Strip Club Best Strip Club in Auckland! The Penthouse Club is an adult…
  • The Club

    12 Church Street Queenstown 9304
    The Club Strip Club in Queenstown
  • Ikandi

    313-315 Maunganui Road Mount Maunganui
    Ikandi Strip Club in Maunganui, New Zealand. We offer a variety of tantalizing dancing shows.. Beautiful ladies to take care of…
  • Showgirls

    55 Customs Street East, Auckland 1010, New Zealand
    Showgirls Strip Club in Auckland Our spectacular laser, light and water shows combined with choreographed seasonal and contemporary shows each…


  • The Club

    12 Church Street Queenstown 9304  1
    The Club
    Mitch quote Visited for the first time for a Buck's Party and loved it! They looked after us and the girls are very beautiful. Very classy place, would highly recommend.
    on September 23, 2017




New Zealand is a country of two main islands, North Island and South Island. It has around 600 smaller islands. The location is 1500km east of Australia and 1000km south of Pacific Islands such as Fiji and New Caledonia. It was one of the last islands inhabited by humans due to it’s remoteness. As a result, New Zealand has developed it’s own unique flora, fauna and biodiversity. The capital city is Wellington, however, Auckland is the largest. New Zealand has a population of just under 5 million people. The country has those of European origin as the predominant population, a result of the history of colonisation. It still be a member country of the British commonwealth. The Maori population is the second largest ethnic group. The first Polynesian settlers who inhabited the country are the predecessors of this culture and race. New Zealand is a high income economy, using the New Zealand dollar (NZ$). The NZ$ is also used in the Pitcairn Islands, Cook Islands, Niue and Tokelau. The country’s economy has focused, at different times, on whaling, flax, sealing, kauri gum, gold and local timber. Throughout history, New Zealand has engaged in a lot of international trade, especially with the United Kingdom, particularly agricultural products. Nowadays, the main trading partners with New Zealand include Australia, USA, UK, Japan and China. Products include wool, dairy products and wine. Renewable energy, such as geothermal and hydroelectric power provide New Zealand with, just over 40% of it’s energy supply.The transport network consists of over 94,000km of roads, and over 4000km of railway networks. All of these industries provide work for the local populations and economic migrants. New Zealand has had an financial dip in recent years, however, some industries are enjoying a resurgence. Therefore, Strip clubs in New Zealand can be lively and successful businesses.


Strip clubs in New Zealand run on the ‘lap dance‘ system and are quite Americanised in style. Dancers pay a set fee or percentage to work. Many clubs require dancers to pay a bond to the club that is refundable on finishing the contract. Notice is required for this. Dancers make a profit on selling dances and from tips. Many clubs offer jacuzzi dances as well as standard lap dances. Establishments very rarely offer champagne commission. There is a level of urgency and competition amongst the girls. Clubs do not pay dancers for time on the floor so it is important for bookings to be taken in reasonable time. Clients can’t expect dancers to spend much time with them if they don’t pay up.

Stage shows in strip clubs in New Zealand

Some New Zealand strip clubs offer showgirl contracts, similar to Australia, Canada and the US. These dancers perform feature shows, which are stage performances 10-20 minutes in length with themes. The costumes, props and music all correlate to the chosen subject matter. Feature shows are of a higher quality, compared to podium shows. More advanced pole work and gimmicks such as fire or water are normal. Striptease clubs pay showgirls a set fee, per performance. Lap dances are offered at the discretion of individual dancers and not all feature performers offer them.

Strip clubs in Auckland have focus on stage, whether showgirls perform or not. Club girls will dance on rotation throughout the night and expect the clients to tip. If a client isn’t tipping they can’t sit at the tipping rail and the space saved for a paying client.

Legalities of Strip clubs in New Zealand

All branches of prostitution are legal in New Zealand, including sex work, brothels and solicitation. The only thing that is illegal is coercion of sex work. Therefore, some clubs will allow full service to occur on the premises. This is not an automatic overlap, however. There are an abundance of clubs that are traditional lap dancing venues. The very progressive outlook has spawned a number of prostitution co-operatives, whereby, independent workers take premises next to each other for security reasons. Consequently, full service workers have little reason to hand over commission to organisations.

However, the very liberal sex laws means that the majority of clubs will allow heavy touching in dances. Some clubs will allow options and charge higher prices for touching. Therefore, even girls that don’t like contact dances can find work. They can’t charge as high, but they can still generate revenue.

Girls in strip clubs in New Zealand

Strippers in New Zealand come from all over the world. There are many local girls and dancers from Australia. This is due to both countries having a reciprocal arrangement, whereby, citizens can travel and work between both destinations, visa free. New Zealand also have a working holiday visa program that provides work permits to citizens of certain countries aged 18-31 for 1-2 years. Countries in this program include the UK, France, Germany, Estonia, Canada and many more. There are no stipulations on sex work for this visa so many international dancers take advantage. Therefore, gentlemen clubs in New Zealand have a variety of cultures and beauty to cater for many tastes.

The New Zealand dollar is a reasonable stable, and high value, currency. It exchanges well into other high level currencies such as the US dollar, GB pound and Australian dollar. This makes strip clubs in New Zealand stable places to work for dancers that travel from overseas. Many girls take up, or are involved in dancing because they are backpacking around this popular country.

Locations of Strip clubs in New Zealand.

New Zealand has an open minded attitude to the sex industry as a whole. Therefore, lap dancing clubs can be found throughout the country. The largest concentration are in Auckland which is to be expected, due to it being the largest city in the country. Most major cities and even some smaller towns will have, at least, one strip club. New Zealanders do not consider dancing taboo, which makes work more straightforward for the girls who wish to seek employment there. Strip clubs in New Zealand are extremely popular and always full of dancers wishing to work.