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Burlesque Gorky Park

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  • Greg

    Burlesque RED strip club was opened on march 2016 in Moscow. Club is located in the MDM building. New club is a part of Burlesque entertainment-group considered to be one of the best striptease in Moscow. The main feature of this particular strip club can be definitely called the themed rooms for private dance. Themes – the most diverse, ranging from cinema theater or business-centre office to BDSM-room or gynaecologist’s office. Room I liked most was fully covered with mirrors. Now I am to specify some basic things first.The strip club is organized in such a way that the stage is may be observed from almost anywhere in the halls located on two floors. The top floor at the moment functions only on Fridays and Saturdays. Table reservation from Thursday to Saturday requires a deposit, ie a certain amount of money, which the visitor will be able to spend on food, drinks, smoking and most important – crazy-menu, but this deposit is not to be refunded if not spent. In the remaining days table reservation is free of charge. The minimum deposit amount in those days when it is charged – 6,000 RUR, but it also depends on how numerous is company you come with. Tables able to land numerous companies are more expensive. Regarding the prices. The cost of the food-menu dishes, with rare exception does not exceed 1,500 RUR, the cost bar-menu positions generally ranges from 400 to 900 RUR. The cost of the average hookah, and they are quite good here, slightly over 2500 RUR. Now the most important – crazy-menu, the cost of the most popular positions is in the range from 1500 to 6000 RUR. Sure thing, this club has lots of things to make good and pleasant surprise it’s guests that is more expensive, yet the are quite exotic things. There are lots of charming girls , they are cheerful welcoming and beautiful. The entry-fee is generally 1,500 RUR. All this is easy to figure out on club’s official site. Their web-page it is quite detailed and rather informative. To top it off, a couple of words about average client that may like this club, and the other one who has the potential to be disappointed.If a strip club is seems to you as a halfway between a nightclub and an erotic show – you definitely welcome here. Comfort, fun and plenty of juicy moments are guaranteed, especially on weekends. If all you need from striptease is sex, I’m afraid this strip club will disappoint you, because any “sexual services” here are strictly forbidden, as it is written big beautiful letters almost by the entrance.By the way this is reason, I can safely recommend couples to visit the club .I myself have visited this strip club many times and have never left disappointed.

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