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  • Jim

    This is by far the worst gentleman’s club I have ever been to, if you decide to go you will regret it, I promise. The second you set foot through the door you will be hassled and hounded and hustled and harassed by everyone in the club, from the dancers to the cocktail waitress, even the cashier who gives you ones! They will immediately come up to you and demand you buy them drinks and lap dances and tip them even when they’re not doing any dancing or anything else! The dancers will hound you relentlessly for money and dances and will not leave you alone for one second of peace, even when you are already tipping the dancers on the stage and getting dances. The girls will call you cheap or scared if you say you don’t want a dance from them at every moment, even if you have already bought dances and tipped dancers on stage, the cashier was even saying rude hostile comments, I have no idea why anyone would ever consider going to this place, it’s terrible, there’s a saying in business, you can have a customer one time and try to squeeze every red penny out of them and push them and hustle them and then know you will never see them again, or you can treat them with respect and honesty and have a repeat customer who will come to you with any need they have for the rest of their lives. This place is the kind that is not looking for repeat customers.

    on August 17, 2022 Log in to Reply