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  • Jeroen

    Hot peppers is topless dancing club which offers dances on your table and private room . They promote club as VIP place , but mostly its just bar to have few drinks and there are go go dancers on stage . Entrance was supposed to be free , but we were asked for 300 czk to enter last friday . Its good bar with some extra entertainment but its definately not strip in real defination of erotic club.

    on June 10, 2017 Log in to Reply
  • jayleeroy

    Table dancing club with annoying girls asking to buy table dance every few minutes , even begging you to buy some services , we could just have few drinks and watch the show . You would be pushed to leave place unless you keep buying table dances every few minutes .

    on April 19, 2017 Log in to Reply
  • jayleeroy

    This place should also be called table dance only strip club , Girls are obviously nice , but they dont even let you sit and watch show for a bit without constant asking to buy table dance . How you can have fun when being constantly annoyed and have been pushed to run away .

    on April 19, 2017 Log in to Reply
  • RomanyBoelk

    Average strip club located in basement of duplex club , nothing special to showcase but with ok prices and some decent dancers , tho place is very smokey and services are very poor , only table dance and talk with ladies inside.

    on March 23, 2017 Log in to Reply